Today in Chi Trib: God in politics, etc.

1. John Kass mixes politics and religion — it’s about time — and continues to keep us informed, providing a program by which we tell the players, but that’s another metaphor, is it not?  See Day of reckoning at shrine of St. Richie on this day the Lord has made, on which we celebrate Term Six, on which also we have to wonder who’s next in the Ruling Family.  At least four more years, less than that actually, before we have a glimmer.

Election Day in Chicago still is a political day of obligation, and though Tuesday’s low voter turnout suggests many have fallen into apostasy, even heretics like me know the rituals must be observed.

There you have it.

2. Mention is there of priest who praised the felonious Sorich, who defrauded taxpayers by keeping the fix in place when hiring public servants.  He is Reverend Daniel J. Brandt.  It’s “a Gospel-based Catholic community that truly strives through worship, ministry and service to live, grow and be challenged by the message of Jesus Christ,” which is good to know.  Also good to know is that “Here at Nativity of Our Lord Parish, all are welcome.”

Even federal prosecutors?

3. It was probably Father Brandt who made the Trib with an Oct. 11, 2006, letter to the editor signed Daniel J. Brandt, Chicago, in which he castigated an earlier letter writer for “anti-Catholic bias” for saying church leaders “always” cover up “inappropriate” actions.  “In fact,” he wrote, Catholic clergy commit “far fewer” such acts than their “counterparts in other Christian and non-Christian denominations.”

Pastors in Protestant and other churches have an occurrence more than twice that of Catholic churches. Public school teachers, five times greater. Coaches, seven times greater. Stepfathers, 11 times greater!

He said the writer “should check her facts before writing such a toxic, opinionated letter.”

A commenter cited the April 17, 2002, USA Today and National Review Online for “shocking figures that don’t make it to the news” that back up Brandt’s assertions.

4. Team-building at DePaul U. for b-school students here.  Do silly things together, you can work better together?  In any case, individualists need not apply.  95 of them in the cafeteria!  Collectivism in the work place!  Winsome pix on p. 2 of Metro section.  Can’t find link.

5. Zuckman-Madhani lede is so soft it hurts:

 WASHINGTON — By most measures, congressional Democrats should have the political wind at their backs on the Iraq war. They swept to power last November because of the public’s dissatisfaction with the conflict and poll numbers show a majority of the public wants to bring the troops home.

Patience.  The real lede is in graf 2:

Democrats in the House and Senate are struggling to find the best way to express congressional disapproval of the war and President Bush’s troop buildup. They are wary both of going too far and not going far enough as they try to strike a balance that most Democrats, and perhaps some Republicans, can support.

In other words, they are currently stymied.

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