About that word you’re using . . .

LOOK OUT: I’m tired of this politically correct restriction. Can’t say the N-word? Heck with it, I’m going to say it: Negro. There. That felt good. Now the C-word. You don’t know what the C-word is? Colored.  . . . .

. . . The N-word is not merely banned as epithet. It’s become unpronounceable. Panic grips hearts at the sound. It has totemic significance. It’s the evil eye looking at you, Boy (and Girl). It knows where you live. . . . .

ELECTION: . . . . the New Leadership Coalition–Dolan, Lyon, Meyer, Shiffer–sounds the bell for fiscal change. Overspending is the Oak Park problem, and spending in the wrong places.   . . .

MANIFESTO: Oak Parkers, wake up! You have nothing to lose but your bill for the costs of letting trustees muck around in commercial real estate!

[Entire column here]

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