Curious and curiouser in today’s papers

* Surprise firestorm over morality statement by Gen. Pace, chairman of chiefs of staff?

[W]hat was striking was the awkward thud [Pace’s] words made as they hit the floor in the broader court of public opinion

Writer Rex W. Huppke is surprised here or plays dumb. This broader court?

Politicians, including several high-profile Republicans, spoke up, . . . . . Many Americans found Pace’s words as dated as they were inappropriate, a sad echo from an unenlightened past.

How many? We do not know. But H. welcomes the “backlash” and turns to – guess whom? – Rick Garcia,

political director of the gay rights group Equality Illinois, who says, “I think we are at that tipping point where, increasingly, you can’t use anti-gay slurs. Anti-gay slurs are being put in the same category as racial and ethnic epithets.”


a) most papers wouldn’t even run “faggot” when reporting Ozzie Guillen’s attack on a columnist. At tipping point, hardly. We have tipped.

b) The general said gay sex is immoral: that’s a slur? To Garcia, of course, but also to Huppke, apparently.

People will believe what they want and justify it, as Pace did, by saying it’s how they were raised or pinning their feelings on religious tenets.

Beware religious tenets.

The general is a public figure, though, and when he spoke last week, he was not asked to share his personal view.

Way at the end, H. gets to the point, admitted by Pace afterward: his purview is policy, not morality.

But in today’s climate, it was refreshing to hear him address the morality part. And it’s not a good sign when a Chi Trib reporter betrays his own bias in this fashion. Doesn’t suprise us, but we’d like a really real surprise now and then, would we not?

* Semi-full description of knifer is good enough for Chi Trib as i-d in all points bulletin in case of Edgewater stabbings:

a man in his early 20s, standing 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8, weighing 140 to 150 pounds, with a light complexion and dark-brown eyes.

But Sun-Times breaks the news. The guy is “Hispanic.”

* Driver missing, SUV to blame for death, injuries:

[A man] was killed and eight others were injured when an SUV plowed through the Subway’s picture window . . .

No alcohol was found in the vehicle and an investigation is under way . . .

That’s it, except info about the victims.  So the SUV had not been drinking.  Did it have a driver?

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