Funny representative

This from Opinion Journal’s Political Diary, which I again recommend at $3.95/mo., is precious.  This Alaska congressman, defending his “bridge to nowhere,” actually to an island with 50 inhabitants that will experience a boom with a bridge, much to the profit of a senator, governor, or congressman, I forget which, who has bought a large chunk of developable land on it:

Quote of the Day III

“My bridges, if you want to call them my bridges — the state’s bridges — will be built. It’s just a matter of when… But it’s a project that gained a lot of publicity because of Katrina and frankly, John McCain, and they started this ‘bridges to nowhere’… There’s never been a bridge built anywhere that didn’t go somewhere” — Alaska Rep. Don Young, in an interview with the Anchorage Daily News, on the “bridge to nowhere” earmark controversy.

Bridges do require two separated pieces of dry land, he’s right about that.  As Nebraska’s U.S. Sen. Roman Hruska said some years back when named the dumbest senator, even dumb people deserve representation.

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