Was ist eine liberale?

The irreplaceable David Horowitz on why Nixon White House operative Brian Lamb did not succeed in his mission to liberalize PBS, that is, make it live up to the law that created it, to be “fair, objective and balanced”:

[L]iberals are closet totalitarians who can’t stand to have a conservative in the room.

(Notice “liberal” used twice with seemingly opposite meanings.  Trouble is, the term has been hijacked.)

Horowitz, the red-diaper baby who came in out of the cold world of the left and knows where the mind-set skeletons are, cites media and academe:

There is not a single leftwing channel, network or institution — to call them liberal is an offense to language — whether it is MSNBC, CNN, or PBS, Air America, NPR, or Harvard that is capable of fairness or intellectual diversity or has the slightest interest in promoting it.

Among the “hardly any” leftwing intellectuals who support “the practice of intellectual diversity” he (generously) names three — Alan Dershowitz, Stanley Fish and Gerald Graff.

As for the rest of them:

Contemporary liberals are socialists and their instincts are totalitarian — which is expressed in their causes like single payer health care, and their sabotage of the war against Islamic fascists.

Bring that down to the everyday level and putting it in homely terms, they are fussbudgets who know what is right for you and will make you do it,.



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