Behind that billboard a motorcycle cop?

Speed traps in Oak Park:

Ridgeland Avenue near Between Filmore [sp] & Harvard Street

A police car will sit facing north in the Washington Irving school lot, well hidden from drivers coming north because they are shielded by the dumpsters – so they’re sitting far enough back from plain sight of drivers. I’ve seen patrol cars sitting there during rush hour traffic and on weekends. They are not visible to the driver but passengers can spot them readily.
May 14, 2008

Way out of date, plus nobody commented one way or other, with these options:

1. Yes! This is a speed trap.

2. No, this is definitely NOT a speed trap.

Others, equally discussed:

Harlem Avenue near North Avenue

North Avenue near Taylor Avenue

Potential speedsters are asked, “Need A Good Traffic Attorney?”  And a list of “NMA Traffic Attorney Referrals” is offered.  NMA is National Motorists Association, whose “main premise . . . is that if motorists will join together in one organization to represent their rights and interests as drivers, they will no longer be ignored and exploited by federal, state and local governments.”

Well, everybody deserves his day in court, but in general, as matters stand in OP, I must say I root for the traffic cops in these situations.

On the other hand, “Speed traps are often used by municipalities as a method of generating revenue,” says NMA in a companion piece, “7 Ways To Shut Down A Speed Trap.”

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