Minds meet and collide on Wall Street . . .

. . . in its Journal, where news is

Tax Refunds Will Be Paid During Shutdown, White House Says

New policy meant to ‘mitigate the impact’ of shutdown, Vice President Mike Pence says

Mind one:

J  Why do you love Trump more than the American people?

Mind two:

1. Two thoughtful, competent, ethical, moral and constitution directed jurists appointed to the Supreme Court. More to follow.

2. Moral, ethical and grounded jurists appointed to the Federal Judiciary

3.. America’s tax structure made somewhat competitive with its global competitors

4. A tax code even more fair, one that fewer than 50% of Americans actually pay any Federal Income tax despite a government that spends $78,532 per capita.

5. Rebuilding our Defenses is underway.

5. Lowest unemployment for Blacks, Latinos and other minorities that have been paid lip service to for over a century

6. No more apologies by POTUS to other nations.

7. Substantial reductions in the millions of pages of regulations hung on the economy by 8 very very long years of Obama

8. Our daughters not having to fear men masquerading as women in the ladies’ restroom

9. Obamacare in its last days of its always certain death march, the end of its ‘death’ squad panels.

10. etc. etc.


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