Veterans day or heavyweight prize fight? Longevity vs. change in 5th, 30th, 40th ward races

Not two heavyweights, says challenger Vasquez, who

. . . sees his race against O’Connor as . . . a championship fight. In one corner, is “somebody who’s like fully trained, a multi-black belt, with all the amount of funding — and then there’s us.”

“Our campaign manager likes to call it the island of misfit toys,” Vasquez said. “It’s a reflection of Chicago. It’s kind of piecemeal put together but we made sure to have one common goal and work towards it.”

Not so his opponent, he said.

“Ald. O’Connor’s got these precinct captains that owe him favors for jobs he’s gotten them, they’re very disciplined. What they have is an operation, what we have is a movement.”

Well, O’Connor grew up in the ward, and his five children live in it, he explained in a forum.

Then the homophobic lyrics:

O’Connor says that Vasquez’s record [as a rapper] is fair game. Vasquez has apologized for the comments, old rap lyrics that O’Connor has highlighted on a web site. “I see this as an opportunity to have a conversation about what kind of society and environment creates that kind of behavior,” Vasquez said. “At the doors, I provide the context for who I was then and apologize for the language and that it hurt people and I think neighbors see the person I am.”

Out of the ‘hood he has come. Come a long way, he says.

Ah, but is the ward ready for his socialism?

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