Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment: Among the Freemasons

I love this stuff from Blighty, among the once Anglicans now Romans. From another world, Oxford and all that.

Refers to “Blessed John Henry,” meaning Newman, without further explanation, his predecessor in the line of highly literate converts who read themselves into the Church.

In this item, He drops pregnant mentions right and left, offering a rich display in a few lines.

“Off in the sunshine,” he writes, beginning his day . . .

. . . to the Chrism Mass, celebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio, a cheerful American lad called Edward Adams. [The man is 74 years old, but it’s a case for American readers of  being separated by a common language, hence a man with whom you are friendly” and whom you respect.]

We had the Spatzenmesse [Sparrow mass] by one Mozart … I did try to spot the Masonic bits, but not being a music buff I failed. [Chrism mass not on Holy Thursday, as of  2017 revision, FYI.]

It is always a pleasure to be at Warwick Street, however, because of the historical connection with my Lord the Marquis of Pombal. Our Principal Church was not founded by the diocese or even by the Vicars Apostolic: it was the Portuguese embassy Chapel when his lordship was the Portuguese ambassador.

All this seems to give the place a whiff of independence … and there is the fact that my Father was a Freemason. However, there wasn’t much of the Enlightenment (a Freemasonry trademark) about today’s liturgical event, thank goodness. Very much the Patrimony rather than Pistoia. [Where in the late 18th century the duke, later emperor, was promoting Enlightenment principles vs. traditional Roman Catholic practice, apparently “the Patrimony” here.].

All in all, quite informal, breezy report, bespeaking the spirit of the man, offering here a sort of journal entry, which is part of what blogs are for, right?

He is more than this, to be sure, cited and quoted already in this blog on weighty issues with learned, sometimes also witty commentary. Find him here.

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