The “Red Line” Investigations that Will Haunt Trump’s Presidency | Vanity Fair

When is a special investigation not a special investigation?

When it’s a fishing expedition.

A related question: Which presidents would have survived a two-year investigation to all the nooks and crannies of his personal and business life such as Mueller’s? Jack Kennedy? LBJ? Bill Clinton? Hey, Ike Eisenhower, for that matter?

Point: Not to compare each and every one, but look, it was all systems go to get this guy, and away they went. Basing whole thing on an opposition-research document made of whole cloth. And with almost all media outlets wildly committed to same goal.


Later: How did I forget? What if Republicans mounted such an investigation of . . . hold on . . . Obama? With full-scale media warfare to go with it? Imagine that, if you can.

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