Amazon synod a formula for disaster?

You won’t recognize the church they come up with, says Liberation Theology researcher:

In June, LifeSiteNews interviewed author Julio Loredo, who wrote Liberation Theology, a life jacket for the poor made of lead (Teologia della liberazione. Un salvagente di piombo per i poveri) (Cantagalli, 2014).

Loredo said the “untold” backstory of the Amazon synod is that it is intended to “change the whole Church” along the lines of “so-called indigenist and ecological theology” and from an “‘Amazonian’ point of view, which is nothing else than the culmination of liberation theology.”

While much of the media is focused on issues such as the ordination of women, Loredo said, “This Synod is being prepared and staffed by a well-organized network of ‘indigenist’ associations and movements.” He asserted that key persons involved in the synod are connected to liberation theology.

Indigenist? A remake on extremely untraditional lines?

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