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Lemmings hop on Palin

Now and then, rather often in fact, the left-wing bias becomes crystal clear. What did the lemmings do lately? Try this, with comment by Power Blog: Sarah Palin referred to “our North Korean allies” on the Glenn Beck show, a slip of the tongue that was deemed newsworthy by CBS News, the Washington Post, and […]

Hollywood, ESPN and other debacles: Why can’t our ruling class do its job?

​Signal your virtue to your think-alikes, and it’s all right — whatever it is.​ ​Our elites care more about what their peers think of them than about what they’re supposed to be doing. No wonder so many institutions are failing. ​ Even David Brooks is admitting it: “Our elites really do stink.” And he’s right. […]

Fake news exhibit 9743

Phony story from the start. Media lemmings do it again.

Yahoooooo — classic mainstream anti-Trump go-along

Donald Trump’s fiercest critics may be dreaming of a last-minute revolt, but the Electoral College, a peculiarly American institution, appears near-certain on Monday to select the 70-year-old real estate mogul as the 45th US president. Its detractors — and they are many — have denounced an electoral system that flies in the face of the […]

Helping fellow citizens find their way . . .

. . . via Wednesday Journal blog. All ye Oak Park and River Forest Democrats, REPENT! Never-Trump Republicans too. Please. Do the right thing. Sunday, October 16th, 2016 1:18 PM Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Email Print By Jim Bowman Writer Enough of this blather from the leftist, I might add mean-spirited, Clinton camp. […]

No, Trump didn’t kick that baby out of the rally

The mother was heading out to calm the baby down. Embarrassed maybe. I know a six-times mother who would have reacted that way. Donald Trump didn’t actually kick a baby out of a rally this week in Virginia, according to the eyewitness report of a journalist sitting nearby and the mother of the baby herself. […]

Mainstreamers endorse Scott Walker — in their peculiar manner

Wall St. Journal’s James Taranto, reporting on Scott Walker’s very good early polls-showing, is properly cautious about his prospects, but adds this: On the other hand, some conservatives and Republicans interpret the liberal media’s recent hazing of Walker as a sign that he is the candidate they fear. Lending support to this hypothesis is John […]

Jobs slow, no impact

Chi Trib-LA Times story about the latest job report has this which I heard almost verbatim last night on Fox, from its liberal-woman-in-the-middle on the panel: The political impact of the report likely will be muted because most voters already have strongly held views of where the economy stands. It’s the meme that’s going around, […]

Economy, economy, economy

Well well well, two U. of Colorado fellows say Romney wins handily in November.  Smart guys! Using a state-by-state analysis of unemployment and per-capita income, academics Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry of the University of Colorado project that Romney will win 52.9% of the popular vote and 320 electoral votes. The political scientists discuss their […]

A headline to barf at

Sun-Times hard copy p. 2, at top, two lines, inch-high type, extra black: DANGER AT TRACK HAD BEEN KNOWN In the AP story, 12th ‘graf of 14: The danger of the Whistler [B.C.] track has been talked about for months — particularly after several countries, including the United States, were upset with restrictions over access […]