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Sharia law vs. U.S. constitution

No contest, you freedom-lovers, Republican, Democrat, whatever.


Mexican Media Memo: Rape As A “Family Value”

Writer married to Mexican woman on annual family trip to Mexico:

As you might expect, there’s a continuing frenzy over Donald Trump and the escape of the drug lord “El Chapo.” Yet other headlines in Mexico suggest tacitly that Trump only scratched the surface about the country’s problems. After all, it was the Mexican media that originally turned me into an immigration restrictionist


In the northern Mexican state of Durango (birthplace of Pancho Villa): 

[R]apes are not reported because 70 percent of them are committed by close family members such as fathers, brothers and uncles.

([L]as violaciones sexuales no son denunciadas debido a que el 70 por ciento de las agresiones son cometidas por familiares cercanos como los padres, hermanos o tíos.)

[Evitan denunciar familiar violador (“They avoid reporting a family rapist”), by Gomez Palacio, el Siglo, July 11, 2015. Translations mine throughout]

Note above, Mexican media converted writer to immigration restrictionist.

Trump has it right about illegals? Or about enough of them to constitute a problem not to be ignored.

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