In Georgia, black voters were ordered off a bus headed to the polls | PBS NewsHour

Has all the earmarks of fade news, AP interviewing Black Lives Matter co-founder, voila! A PBS news hour story. I don’t believe a word of it.

Rather, I don’t believe the BLM lady’s explanation. Oh, and I believe AP’s eagerness to get this story and PBS’s willingness or eagerness to run it.

That’s life in these United States in October, 2018.

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Pope Francis at canonization of new saints: ‘Jesus is radical’

I am reminded of interviewing community organizer Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals in the ’70’s when he called Jesus a community organizer.

He counted off the points of resemblance, which I duly noted and reported. (There’s a video on the matter which compares Alinsky and Jesus. It demonstrates how unlike each was to the other.)

Alinsky had many priest friends, including pastors in various Chicago neighborhoods beginning with the Back of the Yards in the mid-’30s.

With the blessing of Cardinal Mundelein, needless to say. And of Mundelein’s successors –in other neighborhoods for decades to come.

The “radical” reference is something of a bromide by now, albeit defensible in view of Jesus’ assigned and chosen role as upsetter of one covenant and replacing it with another.

At the same time, such terms are hugely attractive to proclaimers of revolution and, for that matter, radicalism. So it becomes a tricky business, this laying on the Savior terms that mean so many things that are  not always mutually compatible.

Context helps, of course, and yet when Francis uses one of those terms, he would be wise to get specific, I think, as would anyone else.

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Accepting climate change is real and then doing nothing about it is Trump’s most damaging mistake yet. Oh?

Issue not being climate change, right? But what we can do about it.

“It will change,” Trump told 60 Minutes, without saying how.

No, main thing being it’s an ebb and flow thing, with long history of change dating long prior to industrialization.

So it’s a distraction. And howlers use it as one to get us not thinking about magnificent Trumpian achievements in U.S. economy. Tsk, tsk.

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Wash DC Dominican House of Studies defies Halloween . . .

. . . recreating All-Hallow’s (Saints) Eve’ning, (from which Hallows Even and finally Halloween. Not a defiance exactly, but quite an alternative commemoration.

The House of Studies celebrates a Vigil of All Saints on October 31st of each year. One of the community’s more popular events, the vigil celebrates our friendship the saints in glory.

The liturgy includes the chanting of psalms, readings from the lives of the saints, preaching from one of the friars, and a candlelight procession around the priory cloister. Arrive early to ensure a seat in the chapel. Click here for recent media coverage of the vigil.

Hanging out with the saints, night before their big day, collectively speaking.

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C. Ford out of the batter’s box: Impeach the Big K. out of the question.

Heard lovingly once, now maybe not so much.

She came forward, and she was heard.  And now, she’s done.

I’m good with that [says Legal Insurrection blogger], but I suspect we’ll be hearing very soon that we can’t accept Ford’s decision.  After all, everyone has to believe and support the “survivor” . . . until they say or do something rational, like give up on a lost battle.

Time, as the George Soros people said post-Clinton. to move on.

via Ford calls it quits on Kavanaugh: Wants no prosecution, no investigation, no impeachment

Something up Francis’ sleeve for the youth synod finale?

Keep your eye on him. He didn’t grow up under his man Peron for nothing.

More here: Is the Youth Synod’s Final Document Already Written? – Crisis Magazine

Manny Machado: Do the Cubs want to spend $300M on a guy who won’t always hustle and plays dirty?

He can’t run groundouts. He would offend his ego, and that must not happen. He’s gotta be he, you know. Wants us to give him a pass. No, thanks.

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Cupich says bishops must cede authority, allow lay oversight of accusations

Forget the national conference as mover and shaker of reform, he told National Catholic Reporter.

In discussing the need for individual Catholic prelates to cede authority to allow for the creation of a new national investigative body, Cupich acknowledged that the national bishops’ conference does not have the power to institute such a body on its own.

“The bishops’ conference can’t do it,” he said. “It has to either come from Rome or [the] individual bishop.”

This is crazy. He talks as  Pope Francis hadn’t squelched the national conference when their leaders came and asked for a national investigation. Instead, he Ignores it.

He also ignores his being the head of an archdiocese for which he can establish an archdiocesan investigation himself, giving an example to his fellow bishops. What’s he waiting for?

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Synod political mess of leftist talking points

Hey, the touchy-feely, sloppy thinking, non-thinking, feeling-its-way to truth and goodness is on painful display at a holy gathering of holy bishops of the once-claiming-to-be the one true church but now trying to change how some young people think and solidify others in their already touchy-feely sloppy thinking etc.

What a show, which you can watch right here but shouldn’t if you have nervous stomachs: Leading Pro-Life Campaigner: Synod political mess of leftist talking points

Pope Francis: Catholic Church Deserves More

The case against Pope Francis: National Review

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