Ald. Pat O’Connor Slams Challenger Andre Vasquez Over Misogynistic, Homophobic Rap Lyrics

Would you like this man to be your alderman, a former “battle rapper,” yeah!

The lyrics featured on the website include: “Holdin’ mics with a slight buzz. Beatin’ bitches like Ike does” and “Grab you by the clavicle and drag your ass across the ground. Leave you bound and gagged in a bar surrounded by f*gs. Looking like a clown that found a gown and dressed in drag.”

In a video posted to YouTube, rapper Vasquez tells his female battle rap opponent: “I’m going to smack you til your dizzy, give you a tilt-a-whirl. I want to battle a real MC not a little f*cking girl” and “Yo everybody she the right size so she can blow me.”

This be a Democratic Socialist candidate whose motto is “It’s our moment.” Yeah!

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