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Cincinnati murder by policeman. Some questions.

Questions after reading yesterday’s Cincinnati murder by policeman story:

1. Murder charge? Wow.

2. Mentality of 43-year-old man who refused to show license and instead handed over bottle of gin? In what society has he been living? With how narrow a frame of reference? How many of his background and experience would have gone along with the cop?

3. What is campus cop doing stopping a driver a mile from the campus? What is cop’s history? His demeanor pre-shooting with alleged murderous intent? He should have backed off as car drove away? Gotten out of the way? How was he caught in the door?

4. Dead man was acting like a damn fool but not damned enough to be shot?

5. Prosecutor Deters: First in hundred such cases he has handled in which he sought indictment. How does this differ from previous 99? Why this time? Climate of opinion due to recent events?

Today’s WSJ story is here.

Later: A faithful reader adds this:

My question (that I haven’t heard raised) was — in that split second when the motorist holds on to the car door and turns on the motor to flee — did the cop actually have the ability to AIM for the guy’s head? My opinion is that his wild trigger finger shot anywhere, and as fate would have it — hit the guy’s head.

Point noted. In any case, murder? Why?

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