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The also-different individuals? What the heck are they?

In Chi Trib story about Republican money distribution, different strokes:

When Bruce Rauner’s campaign fund injected $750,000 to the Illinois Republican Party this month, it was another illustration of how the GOP governor candidate has become more than just a big name on the fall ballot.

The wealthy equity investor from Winnetka is a financial lifeline for Republicans throughout the state. All told, Rauner, wife Diana and Citizens for Rauner have contributed more than $1.3 million to Republican organizations in Illinois since he launched his first bid for public office more than 16 months ago.

The money has gone to 100 different individuals and groups, including state legislative candidates, county and township organizations, and a few county officials.

Not 100 same individuals?

Key question: When is an individual not different? You hear and read it all the time, but how about eliminating the “different”? Let “individual” mean separate from others, that is, not the same, that is, different?

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