How to kill a story

Can’t tell you how annoying this is, when a world renowned newspaper, two actually, LA Times and its sister paper Chi Trib, runs a dumb misuse of a word that changes the meaning of the account but is close enough to be accepted:

RAMADI, Iraq — The commander of U.S. troops in Iraq wanted some sweets, and nothing was going to stop him. Not even tramping through a neighborhood that only days ago had been teeming with snipers and Al Qaeda fighters who would love nothing better than to say they just shot Gen. David Petraeus.

With soldiers casting anxious glances along the desolate dirt road, the four-star general made a beeline for a tiny shop and helped himself to a honey-coated pastry proffered by the owner. Oblivious to the flies buzzing around his head, Petraeus chatted briefly with a man who said his cafe had been damaged in recent battles between U.S. forces and insurgents.

Days ago this might not have been possible, but in a brazen [my emphasis] effort to show off what they say has been a shift of allegiance in Sunni insurgent territory, U.S. and Iraqi officials Tuesday brought an all-star cast of military and political figures to Ramadi.

Brazen?  Susman means bold, or else she chooses to denigrate a brave, dramatic move by a commanding officer.  Are there no copy editors?  At Times or Trib?  Ridiculous.

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