Durbin nods

Dennis Byrne caught Sen. Durbin (D.-IL) in a politically correct but factually incorrect statement the other day.  He wrote an EPA official suggesting BP would break U.S. law if it discharged further into Lake Michigan, as Indiana has said it may.

Byrne cited the Clean Water Act allowing exception to the no-more-discharging part, “to accommodate important economic or social development,” which is a key argument.  How important is oil anyway?

Durbin also got carried away in saying Greenland will melt 2 to 5 degrees by 2100 and raise sea level 6.5 to 13 feet, citing a UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projection.  However, says warming skeptic (I should say debunker) Patrick J. Michaels,

The IPCC makes no such forecast . . .  [I]t projects that the melting of Greenland will cause a rise in sea levels of between half an inch and 4.5 inches by 2100.

Even in an Al Gore scenario, sea level would rise 8 inches.

Maybe Durbin has always had trouble with that inch-foot difference, from back in grade school.  In that case, should he be allowed to drive?

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