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NPR has the McGuire story in grim detail

National Public Radio has a transcript, “Papers: Jesuits Were Warned About Abusive Priest,” that is a must read if you have interest in the Rev. Donald  McGuire case.  The item includes links to .pdf copies of letters that the most recent accuser’s lawyers unveiled at a news conference on Monday.

The data is damning indeed.

Waziristan here, Roger and out . . .

I am (a) still learning how to do this blogging and (b) am glad I cleaned up my machine with RegCure, about which I cannot say enough at $40 for a year, $20 or $15 a year to renew. This thing cleans, let me tell you. All of a sudden, I get automatic emails, for instance, when someone comments on my site. Realizing I’ve been missing things comment-wise, I found this, in which either someone is pulling my leg a la Borat, or I have come to the attention of the Taliban:

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I couldn’t just let that sit relatively unnoticed in Comment-land. You understand.


More McGuire and papers

Another rather good writeup here of the McGuire Papers discussed at yesterday’s news conf in Chicago by anti-McGuire lawyers (including his nephew Kevin McGuire).  It’s from Associated Content, a sort of news-writing co-op billing itself as

the People’s Media Company, a massive library of text, video and audio content published by the public for the public. Explore [it] at

The pattern of covering up

The Jesuit provincial of the Oregon Province about a year ago came clean on a major cover-up of priestly sexual abuse of boys and young men in Spokane in the 60s by the president of Gonzaga University.  Jesuits had come across papers while preparing court documents for other cases.

Among the admissions by the provincial, Rev. John D. Whitney, was a sort of smoking gun:

In 1969, Spokane authorities raised new allegations against [Rev. John] Leary and gave him 24 hours to leave the city or face arrest, according to the news release. The release said a leader of the Jesuits in the Northwest created a story that Leary was resigning for health reasons, and Leary left the city.

Leary went briefly to New York, then Massachusetts and was later assigned to positions “throughout the western United States,” according to the release.

“I can only surmise that fear of scandal and of harm to Gonzaga University gripped those Jesuits,” Whitney said. He said he knew of no accusations involving Leary after he left Gonzaga.

The cover-up was “uncharacteristic,” Whitney said in a release.

How does he know that?  It was about the time when Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J., was being sent away from Loyola Academy, Wilmette, after being accused, without prejudice to future exposure to boys who caught his eye.

How many Jesuits? Good question:

From the horse’s mouth, viz. The General:

As of January 1, 2007 the number of Jesuits in the world was 19,216 (364 fewer than in 2005):

13,491 are priests, 3,049 scholastic students, 1,810 Brothers, and 866 novices.

During the year, 486 joined the Society, 472 died and 378 left.

The average age . . . is 57.34 (slightly higher than the previous year): 63.40 for priests, 29.89 for scholastics and 65.54 for Brothers.

You’re glad you asked, right?


Love that Latin

What hath God wrought in and around our nation’s capital?

Since July, when a decree from Pope Benedict XVI lifted decades-old restrictions on celebrating the Tridentine Mass, seven churches in the Washington metropolitan area have added the liturgy to their weekly Sunday schedules

says Wash Times in “Mass appeal to Latin tradition.”

“I love the Latin Mass,” said Audrey Kunkel, 20, of Cincinnati. “It”s amazing to think that I”m attending the same Mass that has formed saints throughout the centuries.”

The new-old mass is

“contemplative, mysterious, sacred, transcendent, and [younger people are] drawn to it,” said the Rev. Franklyn McAfee, pastor of St. John the Beloved in McLean. “Gregorian chant is the opposite of rap, and I believe this is a refreshing change for them.”

A Pius X priest is quoted:

Besides the liturgy”s rich historical content and spiritual significance, the younger generations show an interest in the old becoming new again, said Louis Tofari of the Society of St. Pius X, an order of clergy that opposed the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

“People who never grew up with the traditional Mass are finding it on their own and falling in love with it.”

This society has been around long enough, by the way, that its young ones are being ordained and service their parishes, as in Oak Park’s Our Lady Immaculate, where born-and-bred Tridentiner Rev. Michael Goldade was relieved on a recent weekend by another young priest who referred to his growing up Tridentine.

The Tridentine Mass helps people in their 20s and 30s who have grown up in a culture that lacks stability and orthodoxy see something larger than themselves: the glory of God, said Geoffrey Coleman of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter”s Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary in Denton, Neb.

This is another group dedicated to Latin liturgy. Its earliest members had belonged to the St. Pius X society but broke when the pope permitted bishops to permit Tridentine masses in 1988.

The Tridentine Mass “detaches me from the world and lifts my mind, heart and soul to heavenly things,” said Michael Malain, 21, of Houston.

Kirk Rich, 21, of Oberlin, Ohio, remembers the first time he attended a Tridentine Mass and recalls thinking that a new religion had been invented.

A Virginia man made a nice distinction:

“The coffee social is after the traditional Latin Mass, not in the middle of it,” said Kenneth Wolfe, 34, of Alexandria. “No one can say, with a straight face, that the post-Vatican II liturgy and sacraments are more beautiful than the ones used for hundreds and hundreds of years.”

The Society of St. Pius X gets up to 25 requests a week from priests looking for instruction, said its spokesman, most of them from priests below the age of 30.

River Forest Dominican abuse accusation

A Dominican brother molested an altar boy at St. Vincent Ferrer parish in River Forest, says a man, now 40, in a suit filed Friday against him, the Dominicans, and the parish, Sun-Times reported Saturday — “Friar molested me, man says: Sues religious order and parish.” 

The boy was in fourth or fifth grade, the suit says, when Brother Gilbert Hensley sexually abused him on at least four occasions while stationed at the parish, incidents “repressed” by the boy until July 2004.

He wasn’t the only boy molested by Brother Hensley, says the suit, which says it was “widely known” in the parish and the Dominicans that Hensley

suffered a broken jaw after trying to molest a 17-year-old who then attacked him.

A priest identified as Hensley’s supervisor also was molesting boys, according to the lawsuit.

Hensley has denied the allegations.

The “few good men” approach in Minnesota

Enrollment at St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul is at

an all-time high, with 154 men from 28 dioceses, making it the largest college [pre-theology] seminary enrollment in the United States. It has more than doubled in size in the last six years.

You’re kidding.  Nope.

“There is a strong heroic sense of calling among these young men,” said Father William Baer, St. John Vianney’s rector since 1998. “They have a love for the church and the Catholic faith that strikes them as a mission, a battle, an adventure.”

He can say that in part because of the regimen they live by:

The men attend a 6 a.m. Holy Hour daily; they fast from technology — including phones and e-mail — on Fridays until the evening; they fast from the Friday midday meal; they undergo room inspections and maintain a tightly ordered schedule. They’re encouraged to embrace difficult studies with prayer, grow in fraternity with the other men, get in shape and face their social fears.

Isn’t that how the Marines do it?

“The men don’t want to live a life of mediocrity,” Father Rolf Tollefson, the “formator” and spiritual director, who lives with seminarians, told The Catholic Spirit, newspaper of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

If the seminary were easy, a healthy man would leave because he wasn’t challenged, added Father John Klockeman, who also serves at St. John Vianney.


Jesuit logic

Two odd things in the latest AP story about Rev. Donald McGuire, the convicted Jesuit priest-pederast:

Asked whether he had taken steps to remove McGuire from the priesthood, [Rev. Edward] Schmidt [S.J., provincial] said the priest was under the supervision of Wisconsin authorities and declined to comment further.

What are these Wisconsin authorities?  Civil, we presume, since McGuire is free on appeal of his sentence to a Wisconsin prison.  But what has that to do with Jesuit discipline?

“Apologies are empty if they are not followed by strong actions,” [victims’ advocacy group spokeswoman] Barbara Blaine said. “Father McGuire is free to roam the streets of Chicago and abuse any child. Their actions tell us they are not concerned about children. They are more concerned about their image.”

He is free to do that, living not in a Jesuit house but in a private home.  Why?  It’s not normal for Jesuits to live outside Jesuit houses.  He’s getting special treatment?

What’s more, if Jesuits have authority in the matter, which we presume they do, why do they seem to care more about McGuire than about his victims, some of whom allegedly suffered as recently as four years ago?

Carrying this further, we assume Schmidt speaks for all Chicago Province Jesuits.  We don’t know who’s taking a different approach privately, within the province, but we know that none is taking it publicly.

Stuff hits fan, provincial does not duck

Rev. Ed Schmidt, the Chicago Province Jesuit provincial superior, is on the hot seat for apparent misfeasance in the Rev. Donald McGuire SJ case.  He won’t say, rather can’t say, if they are trying to expel the convicted, twice-sued pederast McGuire.

Bull, says Rev. Kenneth Lasch, a New Jersey pastor emeritus and canon lawyer outspoken in clergy abuse matters.  “There’s no reason he can’t say, and in fact, it’s an outrage that he doesn’t say,” he told Sun-Times.

Add to that Schmidt’s claim that he does not know how many Chi Prov Jesuits have been accused of child abuse, and you have cause for what in other circles would be called impeachment, unless he’s captive of his consultors and/or someone in Rome.

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