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The good and the bad, emphasis on Trib and Sun-Times

Socialist candidate Andre in 40th ward quite a character . . .

Interesting fellow.

Vasquez joked that he wasn’t homophobic but would “beat a f*ggot down”

(Vasquez author name ‘prime!!!’ at

In Andre’s Own Words

Misspent youth, apparently.

Biden cheated

Blast from the past.

According to the New York Times, the Syracuse faculty voted to give Biden an “F” grade after he ”used five pages from a published law review article [Comment, Tortious Act as a Basis for Jurisdiction in
products Liability Cases
, 33 Fordham L. Rev. 671 (1965)] without quotation or attribution” in his 15-page paper for his legal research and writing course.

Biden was permitted to re-take the course the following year, and he “received a grade of 80 in the course, which, he joked today, prevented him from falling even further in his class rank. Mr. Biden, who graduated from the law school in 1968, was 76th in a class of 85.”

So when Trump calls him “low I-Q,” he probably is remembering that story. (Although the cheating is more a question of low-ethical-sensitivity, to put it in kindest words available).

Ald. Pat O’Connor Slams Challenger Andre Vasquez Over Misogynistic, Homophobic Rap Lyrics

Would you like this man to be your alderman, a former “battle rapper,” yeah!

The lyrics featured on the website include: “Holdin’ mics with a slight buzz. Beatin’ bitches like Ike does” and “Grab you by the clavicle and drag your ass across the ground. Leave you bound and gagged in a bar surrounded by f*gs. Looking like a clown that found a gown and dressed in drag.”

In a video posted to YouTube, rapper Vasquez tells his female battle rap opponent: “I’m going to smack you til your dizzy, give you a tilt-a-whirl. I want to battle a real MC not a little f*cking girl” and “Yo everybody she the right size so she can blow me.”

This be a Democratic Socialist candidate whose motto is “It’s our moment.” Yeah!

Australian Media “made Pell personify the sins of the Church”

How Pell was railroaded.

Postpartum depression is a family affair — and dads can get it, too — Aleteia

Is that what I was feeling all those times?

If I had only known.

Later: Kidding, you know. Never had a nanosecond regret.

Feulner: “Give the Border Patrol a Break” | The White House

A dire situation.

A new report from the U.S. Border Patrol proves that only the willfully ignorant can doubt that we’re dealing with an immigration crisis.

“The entire system right now is at full capacity,” agent Manuel Padilla said. “Actually, it’s overwhelmed.”

Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 66,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexican border in February. That’s the highest total for a single month in almost a decade.

So what does this agent know about it?

Trump stamps veto on ‘reckless’ attempt to stop wall construction – Washington Times

Another chess game. Makes life interesting for lower-case democrats.

Texas, Indiana, Louisiana AG’s all in for emergency declaration

Contrasting his actions to those of his immediate predecessor, the one who bragged that Congress had no control over him because he had “a pen and a phone.” Arrogant former community organizer that he was.

This morning, three state Attorneys General explained the Constitutional authority President Trump used in declaring the national emergency.

“Unlike President Barack Obama, who unlawfully used executive power to create new laws or rewrite laws Congress enacted, President Trump is lawfully using executive power to address a crisis worsened by congressional inaction,” Ken Paxton (R-TX), Curtis Hill (R-IN), and Jeff Landry (R-LA) write.

T. is the anti-O. It’s a major aspect of his appeal.

Scathing Letter Sent to Cardinal Cupich From Seminary Advisory Board – NBC Chicago

The heavy hand of the dictator cardinal lands yet again.

Cardinal Blase Cupich’s decision to close St. Joseph College Seminary is creating sharp disagreement from the seminary’s advisory board.

In a scathing letter obtained by NBC 5, sent this week to Cupich, the 12-member board called the announcement to close the seminary “unexpected and disturbing.”

Cupich told the board the the number of seminarians were too low – 20-plus current students, however the board responded “we’ve been more focused on the quality of young men over quantity” and “we, as a board, expected more from you than just an 11-minute announcement with no warning or dialogue.”

The actions of an edict-prone prelate:

The advisory board says they were totally disregarded and added: “The complete lack of transparency surrounding this decision (neither the Board nor the Rector were consulted) seems symptomatic of many issues currently affecting the church. Aside from the horrible impact this decision will have on the Seminarians and our church in the future, we feel compelled to tell you that this unfortunate approach to decision-making is driving people away — not encouraging opening and healing to a broken church.

Your unidentified “advisors” who apparently recommended this abrupt action court have considered the effects of this unfortunate decision. When veiled in complete secrecy, how can we, as a Board of Advisors with years of dedicated service and millions of dollars raised conclude anything other than this was a decision bereft of objective criteria and prayerful discernment? While talk about “transparency and accountability” is a noble goal, here there was neither.” [emphasis added]

Not to worry, says the spokesperson:

“It is clear there is a need for clarification on the decisions made with regard to the seminary,” she said. “He looks forward to providing that information to them.”

Eagerly, of course.

Question, besides the above: In an age of declining candidates and priests, why this? Also: what’s the recruitment and training program now? Incredible.

New Oxford Book of Christian Verse as sermon fodder . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Novus Ordo (re)considered

 . . .  as using George Herbert’s “Redemption,”  — on a platter for the inventive preacher — which 

condenses Christian teaching about redemption in Christ’s death on the Cross into a single image of a tenant seeking a new lease from his lord.

 “Single image,” yes. Every preacher wants that.

In the poem drawing on Luke’s parable of the tenants but with a twist, namely that this tenant is not wicked, but 

recognizes his own fruitlessness, and seeks out his lord.

And, seeking Him out,

journeys to heaven, then to the wealthy on earth, but [only] among sinners finds his lord dying, and receives his new lease.

 On life, yes.

But I have in mind a selective reading of the poem, aiming at driving home a general point — note well, one general point — planting perhaps a seed of wonder at what God hath wrought for those…

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