May I discuss my operation?

24 days to cast-off.  Both will be removed on 1/24.  I expect circulation to improve in feet and ankles, which have become a mite tender with ankle-to-thigh protection.  For my recently re-attached knee tendons, that is.

The staples were pulled last week, on 15th day of the 12/12 surgery.  That was nice.  Now it’s only the wrapping and taping under the casts, in each of which he sawed a roughly four by six inch opening, a window to the wound, replacing it after his look-see and staple-removal.  Neatly done, in my hospital-style bed in our living room with a not-bad view from 2nd floor of Oak Park Avenue’s tree tops.

My occurrence at the Green Line OP Ave. station (not at Owl Creek Bridge, as in the Ambrose Bierce story) happened in mid-afternoon 12/11, when I missed a step and the cement landing came up to meet my knees suddenly and harshly.

More later on all that.  I’m getting tired of standing at the PC.  (Can’t bend knees, you know.)  As for the injury itself, for scholarly articles go here and report back to this blog.  Or don’t bother.  I am sure to tell you more than you want to know about it before this account ends.

2 thoughts on “May I discuss my operation?

  1. I can only imagine the pain and the discomfort suffered since your surgery on 12/12 and your present frustration of being bound up and restricted in your activities. As a Blithe Spirit you need the freedom to roam, not only where your mind might take you, but also where your legs are directed to carry you.

    I hope your recovery continues to go well, so once again routine tasks and activities become enjoyable instead of burdensome. At such a time your Blithe Spirit will be free to roam and explore far and wide, unlimited by the confines of your room.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and the best in 2008. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your operation and progress. It is amazing that you are able to bog given your present situation. Kudos to you for your effort and determination to soldier on!


  2. I too am impressed with your determination to press on in spite of injuries, surgery and bulky casts. Twenty-four days seems endless when you are anxiously waiting — it should remind you of the intermintable wait for Christmas that children experience.


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