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It only hurts when you laugh: Obamaman can!

Johnny faces music, Richie explains everything

“Where have you been, you rascal you?” some of you may be asking.  Well, it’s been vacation time-cum-time with family extended and otherwise.  But here I am back at the K-board, 24 hours after pursuing Johnny in the guise of a great white shark in the shallow-end waters of Rehm Pool

So unrelenting was my pursuit, in fact, that Johnny (entering first grade in the fall) bumped into woman-with-child-already-born-and-clinging to her, winning himself a scolding.  At sight of which the great white veered away, wanting no trouble from scolding mother-with-child and leaving Johnny to face the music.

Johnny’s mother, #2 Daughter, was busy elsewhere with her #’s 1, 3, and 4.  Johnny, #2, survived nicely, however, so all’s as well as can be expected.

Meanwhile, the hopper has some less than pressing items with nonetheless important ramifications.  Such as:

* A few months back, Chicago’s Mayordaley II found himself eloquently defending private over government enterprise

“We can’t compete with the private sector. Government doesn’t have customers, they only have citizens. You know that. Many times, your relationship with your local government or state or federal government – they’re not customer related. They’re going to leave at 5:00 p.m., and they’re going to leave at 4:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. ‘I’m sorry, we’re on the time clock.’ They walk out. In the private sector, when you have a customer, you’re going to stay there and make sure they’re happy and satisfied.”

He will take any position that advances his agenda, in this case selling off (leasing for 99 years) a municipal asset (Midway Airport) to raise money to keep his allegedly bloated and inefficient enterprise going.  So there was the Mayor of Chicago making a pretty good case for not looking to government for help.

But he didn’t mean that at all, he said the next day, in a classic display of doubletalk:

Instead of apologizing for offending city employees, Daley said his remarks had been taken out of context.

“I said that some people just watch the clock — government workers or anybody else — and leave,” Daley said. “But here in Chicago, we’re fortunate that people just don’t watch the clock.”

He played the good-natured wounded public official:

“I never said city workers of … Chicago are not good workers. Would you correct that for me? I know it’s hard because I’m a ping-pong ball for the media. If you don’t have the Daley name, I guess they don’t read the newspapers. But just correct that … Don’t misinterpret what I say to try to bring confrontation against city workers. That’s really unfair.”

As for his own people:

“City workers work hard. I talked about the city in a positive way. But you’re trying to follow me in a negative way so you have people yelling at me. I know that’s your gig. But be responsible.”

Isn’t he reasonable?

It hadn’t helped any that the Chicago Federation of Labor president had taken his own umbrage:

Dennis Gannon said he was offended by the mayor’s remarks because of the “sacrifices” city workers make every day to get Chicago through another brutal winter.

“At 3 a.m., we’ve got guys making sure the streets are safe and sound for citizens trying to get to work,” Gannon said. “Firemen were out at Holy Name. When you had that huge water main break on the North Side, they didn’t care about the clock. They were there to do a job for taxpayers.

“There are hard-working people doing more work today than they’ve ever done because of the downsizing of government. I know a lot of city workers. They’re my friends. I grew up with them. I know how hard they work and how dedicated they are.”

And in the background, violins.

More more more later, but as Porky Pig said, th-th-th-that’s all for now.

Black intruders at Hanrahan wake

Just before 7 p.m. mass time at Ed Hanrahan’s wake last Thursday, June 11, five or six black people entered crowded St. Giles Church in Oak Park, two of them carrying video cameras, and pushed their way to the front, where the coffin lay, making quite a stir. 

By one account, “Trudy”’s at Chicago Daily Observer, they “nearly reached the casket, fists raised, shouting ‘Black Power’” before turning around and leaving.  By another account, from a source I contacted, the only “Black Power” heard at the rear of the church was yelled by the woman in the group, sixty-ish and wearing a big white floppy “church” hat, who yelled it, turning around at the church door on her way out, raising her fist.

The four (or five) men were in their 40s and 50s, my source estimated.  She was at the rear and, hearing commotion, had turned to see the group moving up the center aisle, then turning to the left, at which point a mourner yelled, “They’re coming up the left side, Ed” to Ed Hanrahan’s son.  At that point they were approaching the family gathered at the left front. 

They were persuaded to leave and did so, leaving some, maybe many mourners in the packed church shaken, according to my source.

So packed was the wake that my source had to park two blocks away.  When she arrived some time before the scheduled mass, an Oak Park police car was parked in front — there to direct traffic, she presumed.  No sheriff’s deputies were present that she saw.  The rude visitants left of their own accord and were not hustled out by deputies. 

Nor were they identified as Black Panthers, though they obviously were protesting the Fred Hampton slaying almost 40 years ago.  But they were clearly disruptive.  When they were gone, the priest apologized and announced it was time for the mass.

Nothing of the disruption was reported locally or metropolitan-wide until “Trudy” made her comment on a Don Rose column at Chicago Daily Observer. In the column, Rose crowed over his role as a consultant in defeating Hanrahan and destroying him politically in the wake of the Black Panther slayings.

Danger on the right

What is the left telling us these days?

[S]omething many feel, many find as a hunch, that Sarah Palin is the most dangerous threat to the Obama administration with no close second.

How are they telling us this?

[B]y their  “over the top” attacks.  Not just the Letterman assaults, but the constant barrage of grievances filed against her in Alaska.  The attacks every day on Palin for no apparent reason — except that the left seems to see her quite differently from any Republican candidate.  A difference of kind, not of degree.

She has what it takes.

Palin could fill a stadium if she were reciting a cookbook.  But she isn’t.  She is delivering common sense to an electorate that is becoming ever more jaded every day with the Obama nonsense.  Miranda rights for terrorists?  $4 trillion deficit? 

One of these days,

Whenever she chooses, she will take her first trip to Iowa to campaign for some obscure congressional candidate, and when she does, the liberal media cannot ignore the screaming crowds.  And they will not be crowds manufactured by an advance team.  They will be fired up mothers, working people who do not want to pay for deadbeats’ mortgages, people who are now going to grass roots tea parties.

They have to destroy her.

A more subtle Benito M.

If this be fascism, make the most of it:

True or not, what’s undeniable is that the federal government has burrowed its way deep into the quotidian workings of American capitalism.

The true-or-not part:

“Anything the federal government, or any government, sticks its nose in fails or makes things worse,”

said by factory worker Dennis Davis, who

recently stopped at the Cabela’s store here [Hamburg, Pa.] to buy a $90 carrying case for the long-barreled Contender pistol he uses to shoot pesky groundhogs at his brother’s farm. He paid with a store-issued credit card.

The U.S. government helped finance the transaction. Earlier this year, it recharged the credit-card operations of the Nebraska-based retailer of hunting and camping gear with nearly $400 million of federal financing.

Pesky groundhogs, yes.  But what of pesky U.S. government burrowing into private enterprise.  It’s got Mussolini beat for subtlety, such as it is, I’ll say that much.

And how will Cabela’s people vote, Dem or other?  With their pocketbooks, one might guess.  Answer:

Increasingly, companies big and small are competing on the basis of their ability to tap government money. A divide is opening between gets and get-nots.

The language of losing

About Obama’s Cairo speech, from Cliff May:

Also, I was troubled by this: The President said: “9/11 was an enormous trauma to our country.” Can you imagine FDR describing Pearl Harbor that way, rather than calling it, “a day that will live in infamy”?

Obama added: “The fear and anger that [9/11/] provoked was understandable. But in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals.” Can you imagine Eisenhower saying that about the measures taken by FDR and Truman to defeat America’s enemies?

We have become a Therapeutic Society. I’m not confident that Therapeutic Societies can win wars. They are, however, skilled at coping with defeat.

That last ‘graf!  Therapy first!  Better at losing than winning!

Shades of Benito M.


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is expected Wednesday to propose the most sweeping reorganization of financial-market supervision since the 1930s, a revamp that would touch almost every corner of banking from how mortgages are underwritten to the way exotic financial instruments are traded.

The Fed’s role:

At the center of the plan, which administration officials are referring to as a “white paper,” is a move to remake powers of the Federal Reserve to oversee the biggest financial players, give the government the power to unwind and break up systemically important companies — much like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. does with failed banks — and create a new regulator for consumer-oriented financial products, according to people involved in the process.

More more more at Wall Street Journal, “Details Set for Remake of Financial Regulations.”

Perspective, please

This fellow has a high opinion of his line of work:

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the nation’s few providers of late-term abortions, called on the federal government to treat as hate crimes all activities by “anti-choice domestic terrorists.” [He] compared the slain Dr. George Tiller to Martin Luther King and said planting crosses was equivalent to actions by the Ku Klux Klan.

Hold on there, Doc.  Another way of looking at this is to imagine you as a drug pusher in a tough neighborhood.  You get killed, we might say in the line of duty, we put law enforcement at work, finding the killers if we can and prosecuting them, along the way excoriating them as immoral and evil people.  But we don’t glorify you.

Cut that bonus!

The Obama administration is dropping its plan to cap salaries at firms receiving government bailout money, leaving them subject to congressionally imposed limits on bonuses.

The move is likely to end months of confusion on Wall Street about separate pay directives from the White House and Congress.

But a bonus is an incentive, you know, like contributions from a labor union or Hollywood mogul.  Congress people should be the last not to understand this.

A stitch in time?

* Disappointment rife among Euro leftists:

“The most striking feature of the [recent] election results . . . is the fact that the center-left parties across Europe, the Social Democrats and Socialists, have not been able to give a plausible answer, political answer, to the economic crisis,” said Thomas Klau of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Have they tried David Axelrod?  He’s good with political answers, and in a pinch could send someone over.

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