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Save the women project, continued

Another displacement of “father” in the mass, this just before the Lord’s Prayer:


Through him, with him, in him,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father,

for ever and ever. Amen

You guessed it.  “Almighty Father” becomes “Almighty God” if the priest so chooses, slipping in the gender-non-specific for the sake of presumed bruised female sensibilities.


BTW, one has the devil’s own time in finding the official version at the U.S. Catholic bishops’ site.  Try it and instruct me in how to find it if you do find it, dear reader.

As for the Lord’s Prayer, I am waiting for “Our Parent, who art in heaven,” etc.  It’s coming . . .

River Forest larceny team

Uncle shoplifts Dominick’s while nephew waits in getaway card.  (Uncle has his own name on his hoodie.)  Uncle is “flattened” by store manager, is taken away by ambulance.

Nephew, with no idea of uncle’s situation, spots woman leaving purse in car for RedBox visit, enters her car, finds keys in purse, rummages in car trunk, is spotted doing this by police who had arrived to take uncle away, flees.

Read all about it at

What were they thinking of?

Do you have to be utopian about it?

This project rocks.  Show God to homeless, somehow, some way, and they change their lives.  Sounds like a war on poverty to me.

Just one thing about it makes me cringe: they speak of ending homelessness, which is utopian talk.  Heaven on earth is a contradiction unless said figurately. 

Reducing it, yes.  Reaching out and helping people, yes.  But changing the world?  If making it better, fine, but what’s the need for this global, even metropolitan viewpoint?

Ignatius lives

In a Dawn T. Trice story about a homeless organizer:

In the summer of 1999, Richard was living in a halfway house on the West Side and considering suicide when a priest from the Ignatian Spirituality Project visited. The project is a Jesuit ministry that offers spiritual retreats for homeless people. The priest invited the men at the halfway house to attend a retreat.

“I went, and it changed me in a way that never made me the same,” said Richard. “It opened me up and inserted me back into humanity and a world I could understand and be a part of.”

The Spirit moved that fellow.  The Jesuit was a vessel for the moving.  Probably of clay, like most people.


Who can deny it?

“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”
— Proverbs
Source: Proverbs 22:7 (KJV)

On the other hand, what if the borrower is too big to fail?

Whose glory are we talking about?

In the mass as official, I find:

Priest:  Pray, my brothers and sisters, that our sacrifice
may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father.
All:  May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands,
for the praise and glory of his name,
for our good, and the good of all his Church.

It’s just before the preface, followed by holy, holy, etc., the old “Orate Fratres.”   Fine.


But I hear oftener and oftener this:

Priest:  Pray, my brothers and sisters, that our sacrifice
may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father.
All:  May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands,
for the praise and glory of God’s name,
for our good, and the good of all his Church.

Why do priests do that?  Remove the “his” for the unnecessary “God’s”?  Whose else would it be?  I suspect it’s a sort of between-us-chickens thing: “his” is masculine, and there’s too much of that in the church.  So start saying “God’s,” and people will get the message.

Look, if that’s why they do it, why don’t they preach on the topic?  Tell parishioners who pay attention what they are doing and why?

Later: Another oddity, heard just yesterday,

He has come to the help of his servant Israel
for he remembered his promise of mercy,
the promise he made to our fathers,
to Abraham and his children for ever.”

in the Luke passage becomes

He has come to the help of his servant Israel
for he remembered his promise of mercy,
the promise he made to our ancestors,
to Abraham and his children for ever.”

No faceless bureaucrat is doing this, but the priest on the spot.  Somewhere they are picking this up, but they are not telling us where.

Can’t keep a good tea party down . . .

They shall not, They shall not, They shall not be moved.  . . .

Chicago Tea Partiers return to the scene of the crime for their “We Will Not Be Silenced Do-Over Christmas & New Year Party” Friday, January 7th, at Dugan’s Irish Bar, 128 South Halsted Street in Chicago, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Dugan’s ——————————————^^^—————————————–

The crime has a somewhat better telling here . . . .

We were the target of an arson Friday at our Christmas Party.  . . . .
. . . .  Detectives from the Chicago Bomb and Arson Department informed me that four devices, which appeared to be roadside flares, were taped together and left lit and smoldering in the trash can of the men’s bathroom. On the lid of the toliet seat, written in red, it read:  F#CK THE CHICAGO TEA PARTY

Bomb and arson police have deemed this an arson and are now investigating.  . . . .

Because the devices were left in the bathroom it will be difficult to deduce who is the offender from videos and because nobody was killed or harmed (thankfully), fingerprints will not be processed for anywhere from six months to a year.  However, if an offender is found, they will be charged with a felony.

The Machine tried to shut us down, but we will not be silenced!  Their goal with Friday’s arson is to silence us. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Let’s show our Christmas spirit and New Year hopes and raise a pint to FREEDOM!
Thank you for your support and faith! . . .  without you socialism would thrive.
As we celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus, I wish you and your family a peaceful and happy Christmas!  Let the Light Shine!
Catherina Wojtowicz
Chicago Tea Patriots
(312) 662-8666
P.O. Box 557654
Chicago, IL 60655
“To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race,” President Calvin Coolidge.

“The historical experience of socialist countries has sadly demonstrated that collectivism does not do away with alienation but rather increases it, adding to it a lack of basic necessities and economic inefficiency,” Pope John Paul II.

Don’t mess with Notre Dame football . . .

Here they are, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.  Which one stands accused by the St. Mary’s College 19–year-old, or would be if she had not committed suicide ten days after he and she were alone in his dormitory room on the ND campus?

No. Name Position Ht./Wt. Yr. Hometown/High School

5 Allen Jr., Armando Tailback 5-10/205 SR Opa Locka, FL/Hialeah-Miami Lakes
68 Belcher, John Long Snapper/ Defensive Line 5-11/235 SR Cheyenne, WY/Cheyenne Central
12 Blanton, Robert Cornerback 6-1/192 JR Matthews, NC/Butler
63 Botsford, Steve Outside Linebackers 6-2/220 SR Arlington Heights, IL/St. Viator
72 Bullard, Alex Offensive Tackle 6-3/295 SO Franklin, TN/Brentwood Academy
41 Burger, Bobby Tight End/Fullback 6-2/248 SR Cincinnati, OH/LaSalle
44 Calabrese, Carlo Inside Linebacker 6-1/240 SO Verona, NJ/Verona
15 Castello, Brian Quarterback 6-2/210 SR Pittsburgh, PA/Chartiers Valley
52 Cave, Braxston Center 6-3/301 JR Granger, IN/Penn
73 Clelland, Lane Offensive Tackle 6-5/290 JR Owings Mills, MD/McDonogh School
28 Collinsworth, Austin Wide Receiver 6-1/195 FR Fort Thomas, KY/Highlands
29 Coughlin, Patrick Tailback 6-0/195 SR Oak Lawn, Ill./Brother Rice
60 Cowart, Jordan Long Snapper 6-2/215 SO Plantation, FL/St. Thomas Aquinas
10 Crist, Dayne Quarterback 6-4/235 JR Canoga Park, CA/Notre Dame High School
98 Cwynar, Sean Defensive Tackle 6-4/280 JR McHenry, IL/Marian Central Catholic
75 Dever, Taylor Offensive Tackle 6-5/297 SR Nevada City, CA/Nevada Union
80 Eifert, Tyler Tight End 6-6/242 SO Ft. Wayne, IN/Bishop Dwenger
46 Filer, Steve Outside Linebacker 6-3/235 JR Chicago, IL/Mount Carmel
37 Fitzpatrick, Nick Wide Receiver 5-8/160 SO Mishawaka, IN/Marian
62 Flavin, Bill Center/Long Snapper 6-3/260 SR Darien, IL/Benet Academy
45 Fleming, Darius Outside Linebacker 6-2/247 JR Chicago, IL/St. Rita
3 Floyd, Michael Wide Receiver 6-3/227 JR Saint Paul, MN/Cretin-Derham Hall
48 Fox, Dan Outside Linebacker 6-3/230 SO Rocky River, OH/St. Ignatius
42 Franco, Dan Wide Receiver 5-10/188 SR Granger, IN/South Bend Clay
47 Frantz, Jonathan Linebacker 6-2/211 JR Avon Lake, OH/St. Ignatius
21 Gallup Jr., Barry Wide Receiver 5-11/190 SR Wellesley, MA/Belmont Hill
34 Garcia, Michael Cornerback 6-2/195 SR Colorado Springs, CO/St. Mary’s
88 Golic, Jake Tight End 6-4/235 SO West Hartford, CT/Northwest Catholic
57 Golic Jr., Mike Center 6-3/283 JR West Hartford, CT/Northwest Catholic
81 Goodman, John Wide Receiver 6-3/207 JR Fort Wayne, IN/Bishop Dwenger
4 Gray, Gary Cornerback 5-11/190 SR Columbia, SC/Richland Northeast
25 Gray, Jonas Tailback 5-10/230 JR Pontiac, MI/Detroit Country Day
37 Grieco, Mike Punter 6-1/185 JR Glen, IL/St. Ignatius
38 Gurries, Christopher Wide Receiver 5-10/186 SR Reno, NV/Bishop Manoque
93 Heggie, Bruce Defensive End 6-5/250 FR Sorrento, FL/Mount Dora
12 Hendrix, Andrew Quarterback 6-2/218 FR Cincinnati, OH/Moeller
27 Herlihy, Derry Tailback 6-0/198 SR Houston, TX/St. John’s
65 Hernandez, Mike Offensive Guard 6-2/275 JR Pasadena, CA/Loyola
33 Hughes, Robert Tailback/Fullback 5-11/245 SR Chicago, IL/Hubbard
86 Jackson, Bennett Wide Receiver 6-0/172 FR Hazlet, NJ/Raritan
90 Johnson, Ethan Defensive End 6-4/285 JR Portland, OR/Lincoln
7 Jones, TJ Wide Receiver 5-11/187 FR Gainesville, GA/Gainesville
18 Kamara, Duval Wide Receiver 6-4/225 SR Jersey City, NJ/Hoboken
50 Kavanagh, Ryan Long Snapper 6-3/200 JR West Chester, PA/Salesianum (Del.)
89 Lewis-Moore, Kapron Defensive End 6-4/283 JR Weatherford, TX/Weatherford
42 Lezynski, Nick Cornerback 5-9/180 SR Newtown, PA/Notre Dame HS
74 Lombard, Christian Offensive Tackle 6-5/290 FR Inverness, IL/Fremd
71 Mahoney, Dennis Offensive Tackle 6-7/289 JR Baltimore, MD/Boys Latin High School
69 Marek, Joe Defensive End 6-2/225 SO St. Paul, MN/Cretin-Derham Hall
70 Martin, Zack Offensive Tackle 6-4/290 SO Indianapolis, IN/Bishop Chatard
14 Massa, Luke Quarterback 6-4/215 FR Cincinnati, OH/St. Xavier
15 McCarthy, Dan Safety 6-2/205 JR Youngstown, OH/Cardinal Mooney
54 McDonald, Anthony Inside Linebacker 6-2/238 JR Burbank, CA/Notre Dame High School
16 Montana, Nate Quarterback 6-4/215 JR Concord, CA/De La Salle
8 Moore, Kendall Inside Linebacker 6-1/239 FR Cary, NC/Southeast Raleigh
17 Motta, Zeke Safety 6-2/210 SO Vero Beach, FL/Vero Beach
17 Mulvey, Matthew Quarterback 6-2/191 JR Del Mar, CA/La Jolla
56 Neal, Kerry Outside Linebacker 6-2/245 SR Bunn, NC/Bunn
99 Newman, Brandon Nose Guard 6-0/300 JR Louisville, KY/Pleasure Ridge Park
64 Nichols, Tate Offensive Tackle 6-8/303 FR Walton, KY/Ryle
67 Nix, Louis Nose Guard 6-3/350 FR Jacksonville, FL/Raines
76 Nuss, Andrew Offensive Guard 6-5/297 SR Ashburn, VA/Stone Bridge
91 Nwankwo, Emeka Defensive End 6-4/290 SR North Miami Beach, FL/Chaminade-Madonna Prep
50 Oxley, Sean Inside Linebacker 6-2/227 JR Avon Lake, OH/Avon Lake
30 Paskorz, Steve Inside Linebacker 6-1/246 SR Allison Park, PA/Hampton
35 Plaska, Andrew Cornerback 5-11/185 JR Zeeland, MI/Zeeland West
36 Posluszny, David Inside Linebacker 6-0/235 JR Aliquippa, PA/Hopewell
61 Quintana, Martin Defensive End 6-0/232 SR Berwyn, IL/St. Joseph
83 Ragone, Mike Tight End 6-4/245 SR Cherry Hill, NJ/Camden Catholic
30 Redshaw, James Cornerback 5-9/175 SR North Huntingdon, PA/Norwin
13 Rees, Tommy Quarterback 6-2/210 FR Lake Forest, Ill./Lake Forest
6 Riddick, Theo Wide Receiver 5-11/198 SO Manville, NJ/Immaculta
31 Roberson, Cameron Tailback 6-0/218 FR Newbury Park, CA/Newbury Park
78 Robinson, Trevor Offensive Guard 6-5/295 JR Elkhorn, NE/Elkhorn
43 Romano, Joe Defensive Back 5-9/165 FR River Forest, IL/Fenwick
77 Romine, Matt Offensive Tackle 6-5/292 SR Tulsa, OK/Union
9 Rudolph, Kyle Tight End 6-6/265 JR Cincinnati, OH/Elder
97 Ruffer, David Kicker 6-1/176 SR Oakton, VA/Gonzaga
24 Salvi, Chris Safety 5-10/180 JR Lake Forest, Ill./Carmel Catholic
96 Schwenke, Kona Defensive End 6-4/245 FR Hauula, Hawaii/Kahuku
39 Sheehan, Ryan Cornerback 5-10/177 SR Purcellville, VA/Loudown Valley
55 Shembo, Prince Inside Linebacker 6-2/243 FR Charlotte, NC/Ardrey Kell
62 Skubis, Christopher Defensive End 6-2/232 SR Clarence, NY/Clarence
26 Slaughter, Jamoris Safety 6-0/195 JR Stone Mountain, GA/Tucker
58 Smith, Brian Outside Linebacker 6-3/234 SR Overland Park, KS/St. Thomas Aquinas
87 Smith, Daniel Wide Receiver 6-4/208 FR South Bend, IN/Clay
22 Smith, Harrison Safety 6-2/214 SR Knoxville, TN/Knoxville Catholic
40 Smith, Thomas Safety 6-1/215 SR Manchester, CT/East Catholic
13 Spond, Danny Outside Linebacker 6-2/225 FR Littleton, CO/Columbine
59 Stewart, Chris Offensive Guard 6-5/351 SR Spring, TX/Klein
92 Stockton, Tyler Nose Guard 6-0/290 SO Linwood, NJ/Hun School
79 Tansey, Matt Offensive Line 6-6/236 SO Berkely Heights, NJ/Governor Livingston
40 Tausch, Nick Kicker 6-0/190 SO Plano, TX/Jesuit
5 Te’o, Manti Inside Linebacker 6-2/245 SO Laie, HI/Punahou
19 Toma, Robby Wide Receiver 5-9/175 SO Laie, HI/Punahou
35 Turk, Ben Punter 5-11/196 SO Davie, FL/St. Thomas Aquinas
53 Utupo, Justin Outside Linebacker 6-3/251 FR Lakewood, CA/Lakewood
96 Walker, Brandon Kicker 6-3/210 SR Findlay, OH/Findlay
1 Walker, Deion Wide Receiver 6-3/198 JR Christchurch, VA/Christchurch
2 Walls, Darrin Cornerback 6-0/190 SR Pittsburgh, PA/Woodland Hills
66 Watt, Chris Offensive Guard 6-3/310 SO Glen Ellyn, IL/Glenbard West
82 Welch, Alex Tight End 6-4/240 FR Cincinnati, OH/Elder
51 Wenger, Dan Center 6-4/298 SR Coral Springs, FL/St. Thomas Aquinas
94 Williams, Hafis Nose Guard 6-1/285 JR Elizabeth, NJ/Elizabeth
95 Williams, Ian Nose Guard 6-2/305 SR Altamonte Springs, FL/Lyman
20 Wood, Cierre Tailback 6-0/210 SO Oxnard, CA/Santa Clara
23 Wood, Lo Cornerback 5-10/178 FR Apopka, FL/Apopka

And who was his friend who left them alone and later texted the woman, who had reported the incident to campus police as sexual assault, telling her, “Don’t do anything you would regret.  . . .  Messing with notre dame football is a bad idea.”

Her parents are working on the Holy Cross Fathers at ND to find out what’s going on but are being refused and have a lawyer working on the case.  The footballer has remained on the team and has not been named.


Anarchists go to the toilet

Police memorial in Haymarket Square

Somebody threw a bomb

Uh-oh, I had this Tea Party event pencilled in for a while and might have been using this fixture:

Last Friday we held our downtown Christmas Party at Dugan’s Irish Pub [128 S. Halsted, “The only Irish pub in Greektown”].

We had a great crowd and the bar was filled with Christmas cheer until smoke began to fill the entire venue.

At approximately 8 p.m. the Chicago Fire Department were called to the bar to put out what was a very smoke filled bar.

After waiting outside for nearly an hour, we were told that the bar was closed for the night and we were asked to gather our belongings.

There were four small dynamite looking devices found in the men’s bathroom, smoldering in the trash can.

The following evening I received a phone call from Chicago Police Department Bomb and Arson officials.

Written on the lid of one of the toliets were: F*CK THE TEA PARTY.

Not far from Haymarket Square.

Great mind, simple thought

If we like Narnia, we have to like this from C.S. Lewis:

“It is easy to think the State has a lot of different objects —
military, political, economic, and what not.
But in a way things are much simpler than that.
The State exists simply to promote and to protect
the ordinary happiness of human beings in this life.
A husband and wife chatting over a fire,
a couple of friends having a game of darts in a pub,
a man reading a book in his own room
or digging in his own garden —
that is what the State is there for.
And unless they are helping to increase
and prolong and protect such moments,
all the laws, parliaments, armies, courts, police,
economics, etc., are simply a waste of time.”

A. Waste. Of. Time.

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