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Teachers strike? Against the public, which includes themselves?

Chi Trib vs. striking teachers who might "walk off the job and abandon their children in 10 days":

One big stumbling block in negotiations is teacher recall. The union wants teachers who are laid off to be first in line for new jobs. Principals would not be free to hire the best teachers they can find.

How does that serve students? It does not.

No, but the principal might have in-laws who are dying for work. But again: there are safeguards against that?

Gets complicated.

Best argument is FDR’s in 1937::"A strike of public employees is unthinkable and intolerable," echoing his predecessor Calvin Coolidge in 1919, when as governor of Massachusetts he broke the Boston police strike: "There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, at any time,"

Not arguments, true, but statements of principle.

Pay schools the answer

Worried about your kids during a strike. Pay a little, live a little. It’s the Catholic schools, sweetheart. Where you get what you pay for.

All Eyes Are on Romney To Mark the Strategy for Growth as Ryan Sticks To Debt

Ryan disappointed Kudlow:

He dwelled on debt to an extreme point. I don’t think discussing debt connects with people who are unemployed or marginally employed. I think they want a good-paying job, and debt is almost an academic abstraction.

When Republicans run on debt and deficits, they almost always lose. When Republicans run on growth, limited government, lower spending, lower tax rates, and deregulation — they win. Mr. Ryan’s speech was confusing on the growth issue, and that was disappointing; I don’t want to be confused and the American people shouldn’t be confused.

It will be left to Mitt Romney on Thursday night to clarify his own growth policies.

I want growth, growth, growth. Wednesday night, I didn’t get growth, growth, growth; I heard debt, debt, debt.

His argument: growth solves all. Good argument. Dems don’t get that.

Ebert Democrat Mouthpiece Doesn’t Review d’Souza’s highly successful anti-Obama documentary

It does not fit the narrative. (I earlier advised libs to stay away from "2016: Obama’s America," because it would be too hard for them to watch. Ebert must be taking my advice.

Heshima Kenya, one of a kind

No one else is doing anything like Heshima Kenya in Nairobi.

Leftist Newsroom Chatter

About those liberal media folks, veteran of many newsrooms commenting on the Yahoo Wash. bureau chief, former ABC political editor, saying Republicans rejoice “when black people drown”:

I could write a thousand columns on comments like these, and similar comments I heard while in newsrooms over the years. In my newsroom there were people crying out loud and tears shed when George W. Bush was elected in 2000. There were cheers when Al Gore rescinded his resignation. It is the culture. Leftists live and thrive in this environment, and they are rewarded with advancements. Rarely are they held accountable because they know management is on their side.

The perp was fired, But the culture remains:

The bias is . . . too deep, too ingrained, and they really don’t want to change. It’s like telling a rattlesnake not to bite. They will cease to exist before they correct the culture.

CNN: Pro-lifers up in U.S. by 27 points

The poll says so.

Romney packing them in, Ohio

That, my friends, is a crowd and a half.

Challenge to fashionistas on 35th Street

Come one, come all, Wednesday, October 24, 2012 to Bridgeport Art Center, 1200 West 35th Street, Chicago, where:

Chicago’s Designers are inspiring hope.

Five of Chicago’s hottest fashion designers are set to compete in Heshima Kenya’s second annual Fashion Challenge.

The Project Runway-inspired competition will be kicking off with a fabulous signature cocktail, the Maisha Martini, and provisions provided by Food for Thought.. . .

Trust me, the cause is a darn good one — the Maisha Collective, an income-generating project for the unaccompanied refugee artisan women Heshima Kenya serves in Nairobi.

Go Heshima Kenya!

The worst announcah evah!!!

In his defense of Hawk Harrelson, D. Byrne quotes him:

“If I do that [change his broadcasting style], I’ll quit,” Harrelson said before he went to the microphone for the Sox-Mariners game.

If I believed that, I’d feel better.

Meanwhile, thanks to Denny Byrne for gathering sites that complain about the man named Hawk.  Them I do believe, sob!

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