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It’s nice to read about a priest like this

He’s pastor of St. Alphonsus, has bald head screwed on straight.


Let us now hope for the best (from Assad)

America Mag editorial:

With creative proposals and determined diplomacy, President Assad may still be made to see reason.

Didn’t the Jesuit-educated Voltaire have a character who would have come to this conclusion?

How a Republican could win JJJr’s seat

Special election = low turnout. Blood-spattered Dem primary = bloodied candidate. Green black candidate = split Dem/black vote. Whole thing = Republican win?

Among the thousand (million?) stories in the naked city, can this be one that pans out?

Joe Stalin, election expert

It’s the counting, stupid.

Haymarket guest missing

Full-page Sun-Times ad a week ago, Nov. 12, on page 29 for the annual Haymarket Center fund-raiser on Nov. 27, had Ald. Ed Burke and his wife, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, named and prominently pictured as guests of honor and winners of the annual Father Mac award, named after the Haymarket founder the late Msgr. Ignatius McDermott. The center does rehab for chemically dependent people.

But today, Nov. 19, same ad runs on page 4 of S-T with Father Mac himself taking Anne Burke’s place in the right-hand picture and Ed Burke alone named as honored guest!

Whatever happened to Anne Burke????

Company Man: My Jesuit Life, 1950-1968

Buy it at

Front cover

Joe Berrios has a lesson for us all

Charity begins at home.

Not to mention the troubles the poor Democrats — do not our hearts go out to them? — suffer when their leader flaunts his power by flouting the law.

And neither to mention the perils of one-party rule, as in Cook County.  Nor the danger of taxing and spending in the Democrat way.

Nor the motivation herein provided for mistrusting government far more than the private business operation, except when it thrives because of its own clout with the political powers which are invulnerable to correction or punishment.

This is why there’s a Tea Party movement.  Precisely.  Keep it in mind next time politicos and pundits bemoan Tea Partiers and/or celebrate their presumed but inadequately demonstrated demise.


This Jesuit High student had a very good day

Top of the chart in his SAT. Give that kid the day off.

Card Check is coming . . .

. . . Another misplaced priority for Obama, maybe comparable to “health reform” while the economy nosedived. Cement the base, first duty is to win. Go unions.

Economy, Entitlements, Iran Are Americans’ Top Priorities . . .


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