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Merry Christmas from the Cruz Family

When Ducks Cry

Phil Robertson

Here’s an analysis — from Taki’s Magazine — to make one sit up and take notice:

When asked what he considered sinful, Robertson paraphrased a passage from 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, which is reprinted here from the New International Version:

Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men, nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Clearly the Christian Bible preaches that “men who have sex with men” will not go to heaven.

That’s the gist of what made GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) mad. There’s more — in the January GQ article “What the Duck?” about Robertson, star of “Duck Dynasty,” the most successful show in cable-television history — but not family-newspaper-friendly stuff.

Let it be noted that the article got 230,000 likes, 628 tweets, 591 google-plus recommendations, and 5,074 comments and that the Robertson family says the show (on A&E) won’t go on if Phil’s indefinite suspension from it does.

Powerful lobby at work here, however, and A&E may be willing to tell its biggest audience ever to take a hike — as we know.


Phil and his dynasty and who’s in charge at A&E

It’s a whole new ball game:

When the Robertson family announced that they “cannot imagine the show going forward” without the participation of their family patriarch, Phil, what they were saying, essentially, was this: This is our show, this is our business, we are bigger than A&E and the terrified executives who run it, and we have the numbers to prove it. They’re right. And they were also saying this: if you put real characters on television, you can’t freak out when they act real and in character.

They wanted interaction, they got it.

This dame did it, and she’s glad

Ms. Rice on Benghazi

The site Twitter can’t stand

Have you ever wondered what won’t fly in Twitter? Hot stuff, you have always presumed. Well here’s a sample.

If you value your virtue, your patriotism, your sense of decency, DON’T LOOK AT THIS SITE! Please.

Kinzinger reminds you of what young combat vet congressman who wanted the country to do better?

Dec. 17 at a state Republican fund-raiser in Merchandise Mart Plaza, Congr. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL, Ottawa) played the Reagan card to good effect, invoking RR’s “shining city on a hill” motif.

“A dark cloud” hung over the nation in November, 1979 (when Reagan used the phrase announcing his candidacy for president), Kinzinger said, acknowledging that he was two years old at the time. He cited the troubled aftermath of the Viet Nam War, inflation, and rising gas prices — though not Pres. Jimmy Carter’s “malaise“ speech of earlier that year.

(I listened to that speech on a tiny TV in the back yard, myself without steady work but hustling pay checks with some modest success. I could swear I heard Carter say “malaise,” and I know I rejected his pessimism, having voted for him, by the way. But transcripts such as this do not have the word.)

Kinzinger’s talk came in the middle of a meet-and-greet in a room at Nick’s Fishmarket. Gemütlichkeit abounded.

Ten years later, Kinzinger continued, Reagan revisited the concept in his farewell address, reiterating his “positive vision” for the country. Kinzinger fleshed that out in the present context, as in reference to the growing national debt. Last year’s interest, he said, equaled the cost of “five Afghan wars.”

To Republicans of this day, Kinzinger called for working toward the “self-actualizing of inner-city youth” and “going to the disenfranchised.” In that he evoked another Reagan-era Republican, longtime congressman and then HUD secretary under Reagan, Jack Kemp — unless I am unduly influenced by my daily dose of the exemplary Larry Kudlow on CNBC.

The nation’s foreign policy, said Kinzinger, who is on the House foreign relations committee, is “in the toilet.“ The GOP is “the last best hope for us in the world.”

Very serious stuff for Nick’s Fishmarket. He’s a serious guy. At 35 he still flies, for the Air National Guard. He met us at the room entrance, shook hands. I must say, a friendly, likable guy.

He commended the “17- and 18-year-olds signing on” in the military,putting their lives on the line, “not knowing what they are fighting for” — “Why don’t they?” a man asked — but Kinzinger kept on with his (larger) point, about having a sense of history and of what‘s at stake for the nation.

The young men put their lives on the line, elected officials have only their careers to lose, he said, speaking up for a foreign policy that leaves “enemies that know never to touch us and our allies,” he said. “I envision a renewed America.”

It was a serious, short talk that gave a taste of how he would go over from the stump. He is one of those young men who signed up, for one thing. He’s a John F. Kennedy type, it looks from here.

Off-duty Cook County sheriff’s officer killed trying to protect his family

Evil men did this.

When you really want to hurt a guy . . .

. . . hit him with this, found among comments in hot give and take on Rauner story: “You’re special and challenged.”

In GOP gov race, all for (defeating) one

Oak Park Republicans

Rauner’s da man, as Cook County GOP endorsement looms — to knock out of the box:

Sneed hears GOP gubernatorial hopefuls State Sen. Kirk Dillard, State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and State Sen. Bill Brady were busy campaigning this week.

But not for themselves.

All three Republican candidates were involved in a one-act play with one major objective: stopping gazillionaire Bruce Rauner from winning the Cook County Republican Party primary endorsement.

◆ Translation: “They and their minions were hitting the campaign phones: Dillard, Rutherford and Brady don’t care so much who gets the endorsement, as long as it isn’t Rauner,” a Sneed source said.

And unions are not far behind.

“This is a sideshow,” said a Rauner source. “It’s what damage the unions are going to do to Rauner that’s the big deal. Rauner has been very outspoken against union leadership.”

Sneed hears that if the unions are going to…

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Relax, ObamaCare (“it’s the law!”) relaxed days before deadline

Oh come on, who’s not relaxed, with Daddy O. looking out for us?

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