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Pope Francis gets along with and encourages bad guys

Steve Huntley cites tilt to dictator Castro and terrorism-abetter/peace talk refusenik Abbas.

What the hell?

Go get that bishop, sic him!

Behind many an attack on a bishop is an attack dog.

Read about it in this by Anne Hendershott in Crisis Mag.

Spirituality vs. Religion

Not quite. Religion is for providing the motions to go through when you have lost track of spirituality. Go through them long and faithfully enough, and you have a chance of regaining or gaining spirituality. “I believe, Lord; help thou my unbelief” is your motto.

Wheat or Weeds

My good friend Joey once told me, “Religion is for people who don’t want to go to hell and spirituality is for people who have already been to hell and don’t want to go back.”

The first part of the statement definitely rang true in my early years of life.  I went to Catholic church every week, said my prayers, gave a little, but always felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until I went into my deep depression that I realized what that was. A personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Now this isn’t something that could be obtained by going through the religious rituals that I had been doing. I needed to put my faith into action.  But how would I know that I was actually following God’s plan for my life?

Well I guess that’s why they call it faith because to be honest I didn’t…

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Big Impact Is Possible From New Court Case On One man, One Vote – The New York Sun

Big Impact Is Possible From New Court Case On One man, One Vote – The New York Sun.

Redistricting based on ELIGIBLE voters, not general population. Wld reconfigure landscape.

The Irish did what? Begorra!

How to view the Irish vote, from American Catholic:

Now that Ireland has voted to approve gay marriage, a few thoughts:

1.   Catholic Ireland is now Anti-Catholic Ireland-The Irish have always found scapegoats useful as an explanation for Irish failings.  Britain long played this role and the Church is now filling this role.  This vote, for many of the voters, was a joyous opportunity to give a one finger salute to the faith of their ancestors.

2.   Spineless Shepherds-With one or two exceptions, the Irish episcopate was worse than useless.  Cowardice was their most notable attribute.  Expecting these timeservers to stand up for Catholicism in a hostile environment is like expecting a wolf to become a vegetarian.

3.   Pope-MIA-The Pope has endless time to waste on made up problems like global warming, and to make snide remarks about faithful Catholics, but he uttered not a word on this vote.  In the current feeble state of the Church in the face of her enemies, the fish does rot from the head down.

4.   No Representation-All the major parties in Ireland backed gay marriage, so the 38% of the Irish people who voted against it, a huge block of voters in a proportional parliamentary system like Ireland, effectively have no political voice.

5.   Iron Triangle-In Ireland government, academia and entertainment were all overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage.  The group think on this issue makes the old Iron Curtain countries seem diverse in comparison. Continue reading

Read on for the other five.

Did Archbishop Cupich blow an opportunity to defend traditional marriage?

Phil Lawler, of Catholic World News, thinks so.

A contributor to the Chicago Sun-Times reports that he had a friendly exchange with Archbishop Blaise Cupich on the topic of same-sex marriage, and reproduces large chunks of that exchange for his readers. Naturally the archbishop says that he does not support legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Yet columnist Neil Steinberg observes: “To me, everything the archbishop said, except for his conclusions, is an argument for gay marriage.”

That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Yet if you read the entire column you may find yourself hard-pressed to cite evidence proving Steinberg wrong.

The archbishop “thinks” this or that, sounding an uncertain trumpet. Timid.

Later (much later): It’s not his job in such a case to say what he thinks but as teacher and upholder of Catholic doctrine (a little-used reference by all but traditionalist thinkers), he should telling us what’s what, authoritatively.

Battle is o’er, hell’s armies flee, sang British Catholics in the ’30s and ’40s

Hymn translated by Ronald Knox, one of many which he translated for the Westminster Hymnal in the late ’30s.

The very forcefulness of it would never pass in a church of today.

Finita jam sunt proelia
Battle is o’er, hell’s armies flee;
Raise we the cry of victory
With abounding joy resounding, alleluia.
Christ, who endured the shameful tree,
O’er death triumphant welcome we,
Our adoring praise outpouring, alleluia.
On the third morn from death rose he,
Clothed with what light in heaven shall be,
Our unswerving faith deserving, alleluia.
Hell’s gloomy gates yield up their key,
Paradise door thrown wide we see;
Never-tiring be our choiring, alleluia.
Lord, by the stripes men laid on thee,
Grant us to live from death set free,
This our greeting still repeating, alleluia.
Simphonia Sirenum, 1695, translated by R.A.Knox
Westminster Hymnal, 1939
It’s joyful. Unalloyed joy, I might even say unapologetic..

The NAACP’s Monster Under the Bed – Taki’s Magazine


dislikes Jews, Israel, immigrants, and non-Christians. He’s damned Hillary Clinton supporters to hell, applauded the Baltimore rioters, compared black moms who stop their sons from rioting to white slave masters, co-organized a protest meeting at which Obama was repeatedly called a “nigger,” and pledged the NAACP’s support to an organization that opposes the NAACP, hurls racist bile at Asian immigrants and Jews, and calls Martin Luther King an “uncle Tom.”

And yet the national NAACP can’t, or won’t, get rid of the guy.

Read the rest of it at the one and only Taki’s Magazine.

In Ireland, the old is out and the out are in | Catholic World Report

Glory be to God for strange and unusual things.

Gays’ struggle for tolerance

has long been about much more than “tolerance”. But “tolerance” and “equality” have been the two rhetorical hammers constantly employed by the Reign of Gay, which has now claimed its most significant, high profile conquest. As expected, The New York Times is delighted that the good (gay) guys have crushed the nasty (Catholic) guys:

Ireland has become the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by a popular vote, sweeping aside the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church in a resounding victory Saturday for the gay rights movement and placing the country at the vanguard of social change.

Ah, who doesn’t want to be “the vanguard of social change”? Change is good, as they say, although reasons for why change in general is good are often vague and reactionary, and the reasons for why this particular change–the wholesale celebration and installation of homosexuality as a social good–are built on the sands of sentimentality and subjectivism.

In honor of the occasion, let us consider this from the nay-saying Family Research Council offering Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage, here excerpted at risk of verbal disembowelment by supporters of same.

1. Children hunger for their biological parents.
Homosexual couples using in vitro fertilization (IVF) or surrogate mothers deliberately create a class of children who will live apart from their mother or father.

Yale Child Study Center psychiatrist Kyle Pruett reports that children of IVF often ask their single or lesbian mothers about their fathers, asking their mothers questions like the following:”Mommy, what did you do with my daddy?” “Can I write him a letter?” “Has he ever seen me?” “Didn’t you like him? Didn’t he like me?”

Elizabeth Marquardt reports that children of divorce often report similar feelings about their non-custodial parent, usually the father.

Kyle Pruett, Fatherneed (Broadway Books, 2001) 204.
Elizabeth Marquardt, The Moral and Spiritual Lives of Children of Divorce. Forthcoming.

2. Children need fathers.
If same-sex civil marriage becomes common, most same-sex couples with children would be lesbian couples. This would mean that we would have yet more children being raised apart from fathers. Among other things, we know that fathers excel in reducing antisocial behavior and delinquency in boys and sexual activity in girls.

What is fascinating is that fathers exercise a unique social and biological influence on their children. For instance, a recent study of father absence on girls found that girls who grew up apart from their biological father were much more likely to experience early puberty and a teen pregnancy than girls who spent their entire childhood in an intact family.

This study, along with David Popenoe’s work, suggests that a father’s pheromones influence the biological development of his daughter, that a strong marriage provides a model for girls of what to look for in a man, and gives them the confidence to resist the sexual entreaties of their boyfriends.

* Ellis, Bruce J., et al., “Does Father Absence Place Daughters at Special Risk for Early Sexual Activity and Teenage Pregnancy?” Child Development, 74:801-821.
* David Popenoe, Life Without Father (Boston: Harvard University Press, 1999).

Etc., from #3, “Children Need Mothers,” to #10, “Women and Marriage Domesticate Men.” Meaty enough stuff, it seems to this longtime dabbler in the art of sociology.

Cautionary notes, at least, warning us that all that glitters in the enthusiasm for gummint (societal) recognition of same-sex marriage is not to be enthusiastic about. Just sayin’.

How priests enter the mass scene walking down the aisle

Some come waving and smiling.

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