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Will be checking this site out now and then for “nerdy news”

DPNews is a blog, containing nerdy news, reviews and background information. The blog focuses on current films and the coverage of their development, but also features all kinds of reports concerni…

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Before running, or driving, amok on the OSU campus, this reportedly pious Muslim, worried about being unable to pray on campus . . .

” . . . relied on God. I went over to the corner and just prayed.”

And then drove amok.

Tell me, please, if that’s good Muslim theology. Where did he get that idea?

Venezuelan money gone south

Your wallet can’t hold a nickel down there.

Socialism does things like that.

That Congress you’ve been so mad about has got some very good things done . . .

. . . specifically and for example, its “reigning in” of the once-dreaded IRS.

Put a stop to unhelpful feelings

Un-F*ck them.

Though I think the author goes beyond that.

A revival of stoicism, the ancient doctrine that fit in so well with the up-and-rising Christianity that it might as well have been canonized.

Colin K., the with-it kid

This be the San Francisco sit-down artist.

I think I know where this kid is coming from.

Nutsville, USA.

He should keep working at it, should find himself any week now.

Source: Geez, the guy wears more licensed dictator logo merchandise than a NASCAR

A lest-we-forget project for Cubans

And what the hell, for the rest of the world too, especially those tempted to leftist fascism.

As for leftist fascism, consider this fascinating dissecting of the Fidelista mindset and program.

NY Times man blows top

At that man not yet in the White House, who else?

Blow blows his horn.

Obama’s condolences

All we need to know:

From: Keith Koffler <>
Sat, Nov 26, 2016 9:43 am
Subject: Obama offers “condolences” to Castro’s family

Good morning.

President Obama issued a statement Saturday on Fidel Castro that failed to say anything negative about the Cuban tyrant and that offered condolences to the family that has oppressed Cubans for more than five decades.

Castro, as you are probably aware, died Friday night. Hopefully, he will stay that way. [italics mine]

Sample of what a Jesuit education might get you.

Ding dong . . .

. . . the witch is dead.

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