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Mnuchin, Price nominations stalled after Democrats boycott vote –

Crappy Dems at work.

Hatch gotta wonder. Not the only one. Disappointed at “this kind of crap” — Dems’ playing hooky. It’s their new strategy maybe. Who knows?

Kellyanne Conway warns Republicans

This lady is up and at ’em in the civil war, major media vs. POTUS.

Swings a mean rebuttal, is weaponized for the ongoing fray. Dragon-slayer.

Trump fires acting AG after she orders Justice Department not to enforce immigration policies

Question of the day: What did she expect?

(would happen to her when she gave the finger to the CEO)

Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists

Obama legacy #? How many are there yet to be revealed?

Catholic bishops truly believe . . .

. . .  this about the immigration ban:

+ On the day of the order, the U.S. bishops released a statement, which largely commented on the order’s provisions to halt and reduce refugee admissions (full text). “We strongly disagree with the Executive Order’s halting refugee admissions,” said Bishop Vasquez, migration committee chair. “We believe that now more than ever, welcoming newcomers and refugees is an act of love and hope.” (USCCB)

We do care about what you believe, bishops. But can you help us out a bit on how to keep Islamic bad guys out of the country? If not, that’s all right. Keep telling us what you believe.

Soros Bankrolling Effort to Stop Trump’s Temporary Refugee Halt Order

Geez, him again?

Venezuela in big hole with no rescue in sight

When will this failure of socialism earn the ire of socio-political commentator Pope Francis. He dumps on capitalism but has a blind spot about socialism?

Source: Venezuela needs both economic rescue and political renewal. It is hard to imagine where these will come from

Trump executive order explicitly protects gay people — did we know that?

I have been wondering why the signs about gay people at the resistance parades — so-called women’s march etc. — when it’s been a non-issue for the Trump campaign. Their cause has been lumped together with the others, unreasonably, as if in knee-jerk reaction.

Source: President Trump signed an executive order explicitly protecting gay people. The lying left can admit they were wrong now

White House warns Prince Charles against ‘lecturing’ on climate change

Button lip, Charles. You and Donald could have a knock-down.

Source: White House warns Prince Charles against ‘lecturing’ on climate change

San Francisco Paper Downplays Minimum Wage Increases Despite Restaurant Closures

They can’t believe it’s happening. Not supposed to happen. Can’t happen. Don’t say it happened. We have our principles. Never Trump, so help me Somebody . . .

Source: San Francisco Paper Downplays Minimum Wage Increases Despite Restaurant Closures

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