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A Doctrinal Comparison – The Traditional Mass vs. New Mass, Sacrifice vs. Meal

Dominus Vobiscum: Novus Ordo (re)considered

A liturgical rupture:

A Liturgical Rupture
The Traditional Mass The New Mass
A sacrifice linked to the sacrifice of the Cross, expressed in:

1. Offertory = oblation of the victim

2. Double consecration = immolation of victim

3. Communion = consummation of victim

The entire Mass is directed toward the sacrificial act. Sacrifice is the primary end; thanksgiving is one among other secondary, subordinate ends.

A meal linked to the Last Supper, expressed in:

1. Presentation of the gifts = berakah or blessing of the food, leading up to the Offertory, wherein the Jewish grace before meals is the main prayer

2. Eucharistic prayer = canon of the New Mass; it is primarily a prayer of thanksgiving for the gifts received; it is in this context that the consecration is performed

3. IG n.48 = breaking and partaking of the bread instead of consummation of the victim

The Mass is…

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Dead-center analysis of current papacy, an indictment

Harsh, accurate, arresting:

The current regime in Rome will damage the Catholic Church. Pope ­Francis combines laxity and ruthlessness. His style is casual and approachable; his church politics are cold and cunning. There are leading themes in this pontificate—­mercy, accompaniment, peripheries, and so forth—but no theological framework. He is a verbal semi-automatic weapon, squeezing off rounds of barbed remarks, spiritual aperçus, and earthy asides (­coprophagia!). This has created a confusing, even dysfunctional atmosphere that will become intolerable, if it hasn’t already.

I go for the latter.

Pope Francis, by contrast [with popes John Paul II and Benedict, who had their
own agendas], is quick to denounce, widening gaps rather than closing them. More often than not, he targets the core Catholic faithful. He regularly attacks “mummified” Christians and “rosary counters.” On many occasions, Francis has singled out doctrinally orthodox priests for ridicule. The same holds for those who favor the Latin Mass, whom he derides as suffering from a “rigidity” born of “insecurity.” Early in his pontificate, his Christmas sermon to the curia recited a litany of condemnations.

more more more

Benedict who? Francis cutting the ties that bind . . .

F: Me now pope, forget B.

Pope Francis has a plan to eliminate the legacy and disciples of Benedict XVI. The operation has stirred up the Vatican, which has not by any means significantly opposed the incumbent Pope.

It’s a sort of coup d’etat atmosphere.

Trump’s Successful Pivot to Asia – WSJ

Not only no more bowing before potentates or dropping billions in case for our Iranian, what? Friends? But pressuring rivals, as opposed to timidly conceding the game.

The president is regularly attacked by critics for withdrawing from the global stage and undermining the American-led world order, but his goal in Asia is consistent with that of previous administrations from both parties: preserving what the Trump administration calls a “free and open Indo-Pacific.”

Mr. Trump has energetically pursued this goal, overturning significant parts of America’s Indo-Pacific policy dating back to the 1970s. His decision to levy tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods made clear that Washington is dropping the fiction that China is a fair trading partner.

The U.S. military has increased freedom-of-navigation operations and flyovers near China’s new military bases in the South China Sea.


The writer adds cautions to this applause.

Though few in Washington will admit it publicly, policy makers on both sides of the aisle see Mr. Trump’s bold stance as long overdue. Yet his Asia pivot is also risky.

Some worry he will rush into an agreement with North Korea, perhaps withdrawing U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula in return for a promise of denuclearization. If Mr. Trump caves in to pressure from Pyongyang, Seoul and Beijing to reach a bad deal, it may be impossible to convince Tokyo and other allies that Washington won’t pack up its troops and leave them to face the Chinese threat on their own.


No one should be in any doubt about the stakes: Beijing is looking to hasten the day when it replaces the U.S. as the indispensable Indo-Pacific power. America’s allies in the region are watching—some fearfully—to see whether the time has come to cleave to China and support Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. Mr. Trump’s pivot may offer the last chance to forestall such an outcome.

Seems to be so.

Chicago’s St. John Cantius Sunday mass in English . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Novus Ordo (re)considered

A hybrid that eliminates 90% of the  objectionables:

1. Latin choir Gloria, Credo, etc. Vernacular is impinged, not eliminated. Music possibilities muy enhanced.

2. Ad orientem. Features mass, not priest as constant preacher. Worshipers are with him as he too prays. He is not the miked announcer.

3. Kneeling at rail for communion on tongue. Eliminates walking up (hurry up!) and standing for handout, cafeteria-style. (Watch out you don’t trip or bump anyone. Careful!)

4. Greeting of peace done without flourish, short and sweet. (Kiss your wife or husband if you want.)  No buzz of extended greetings. (Nor was there howdy-up at start of mass, signalling town-meeting aspect.)

5. General attitude, demeanor of reverence, general absence of non-reverence.

All in all, eliminating excesses, restoring sacramental atmosphere.

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The Toxic Mission to Reengineer Men – Minding The Campus

Long, uber-interesting piece here by emeritus anthropology prof at McGill U., much involved and drawing on years of experience, including in the field. Discussing at its end whether anti-masculinity is aimed at solving men’s problems, this:

Yes, being a man is not stress-free, and sometimes we have inner struggles. But do women not also have inner struggles, and is that not in our nature as human beings?

Feminists who simplistically argue that women’s psychological and other problems are all and always the fault of “toxic” men, are doing a very human thing: blaming others for their problems.

That such sad naivete has been adopted by our governments, scientific organizations, and schools and universities does not reflect a very sound understanding of people or the world. Even more so for psychologists, who should know better.

Ideas, conditions, behaviors toxic there are, but masculinity is not one of them.

Pelosi Asks Trump to Delay State of the Union Address – WSJ

Crafty lady.

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) asked President Trump on Wednesday to delay his State of the Union address to Congress until the government is reopened, citing security concerns.

It is custom for the speaker of the House to formally invite the president to give a State of the Union speech to a joint session of Congress at the beginning of the year. That address is scheduled for Jan. 29.

In a letter sent to the president, Mrs. Pelosi said such a speech requires the full resources of the U.S. Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security—two agencies where employees are currently working unpaid.

Immediate guess: Won’t happen. Speech delay, that is.

Census Can’t Ask About Citizenship, Judge Rules – WSJ

Oh those Obama judges.

Breaking ranks: why Boston’s cardinal intervened in an abuse case in New York | Catholic Herald

And what happened to him then:

Cardinal O’Malley’s latest action continues a recent trend in which he has broken an unspoken rule by openly criticising his fellow bishops, including Pope Francis. Last January, he criticised the Pope’s handling of the situation in Chile, in which the Pope accused critics of Bishop Juan Barros, who has since resigned, of “calumny”.

The cardinal’s outspokeness seems to have resulted in a loss of favour at the Vatican. O’Malley was notably not initially named among the participants in next month’s safeguarding summit in Rome. Instead, Chicago’s Cardinal Blaise Cupich, a staunch progressive and reliable papal ally, was appointed to take part.

Blaise does keep turning up, does he not?

Networks Trashed Trump With 90% Negative Spin in 2018, But Did It Matter?

Chicago Newspapers

What can your average fair-minded person take from this?

The tone of coverage remains incessantly hostile: 90% negative, vs. just 10% positive (excluding neutral statements), matching the historically bad press we documented in 2017. Yet despite the media’s obvious disapproval, public opinion of the President actually improved slightly during 2018, from an average 40% approval on January 1 to 42.7% approval on December 31, according to RealClearPolitics.

Keep in mind that this is news coverage — stories placed in the paper or on screen by editors, pursued by reporters approved by editors and publisher, working in an office atmosphere that bestows sometimes plaudits on confreres, rarely any sense of discomfort as to choice of story, how it’s written, etc.

Nobody here but us chickens, we can hear them saying. We like it this way.

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