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The good and the bad, emphasis on Trib and Sun-Times

Trump’s Immigration Progress – WSJ

Trump has shifted a bit on immigration, but not enough for Wall St. Journal.

Twitter is a virus of the mind | Spectator USA

Feeling crazy? Maybe this is why.

Society seems to be growing steadily crazier. And maybe it doesn’t just seem to be. Maybe it actually is growing crazier. In the 1930s, science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein dubbed the early 21st century ‘the Crazy Years’, a time when rapid technological and social change would leave people psychologically unmoored and, frankly, crazy. Today’s society seems to be living up to that prediction. But why?

The estimable Glenn Reynolds offers an answer.

A booming economy makes Trump look wiser than his detractors | Spectator USA

Will never cease to amaze me.

What delicious reading it makes going back over Paul Krugman’s missive in the New York Times on the morning after Donald Trump was elected in 2016. ‘Global recession with no end in sight…when are markets going to recover? A first pass answer is never…’ Those words should be carved into a façade somewhere in Wall Street and held up for ever after as an example of hubris of economic forecasters.


Trump has made America less racist | Spectator USA

Trump the healer: What do you know?

Irish Ass. of Catholic Priests in toddler meltdown mode against Francis over no women deacons | Fr. Z’s Blog

‘Tis a sad day that has no women deacons around to get us over the rough spots.

There are, apparently, still some priests left in Ireland for the tens of people who still want the sacraments. Evidence for this claim is found in a story at It concerns that pungent group, the Ass. of Catholic Priests. Have a look at this spittle-flecked nutty against Francis concerning the deaconette situation.

Have a look if you want your heart rendered.

Reclaiming History From Howard Zinn – WSJ

Pied Piper extraordinaire this Zinn fellow.

Leftist friend of mine some years back was delighted to see the book in his son’s hands (hadn’t known of it) at Carleton College, a top-rank selective school. Oh those professors were hard at their (misguided) task.

Father Jonathan Morris Asks To Leave The Priesthood To Pursue Marriage | uCatholic

Not bad at all, this statement . . .

Were my thoughts (and situation) many decades ago. Honest and forthright, I’d say.

Heritage Foundation Director Suspended from Twitter for the ‘Hateful Conduct’ of Saying Men & Women are Different

They don’t want no stinkin’ commenters pointing out the obvious.

Journos from Prominent News Publications Found to Have Working Relationships With Antifa

Who was that masked man? Someone they like.

Voter Fraud – Catholic Reformation

Look at it this way:


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