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Michael Sneed of Sun-T is week’s winner . . .

. . . of the least-informed-and-entirely-fatuous-commentary award with her remarks about Chicago’s Cardinal Cupich, the pope’s hatchet man and protector of all things progressive, as in this throwaway paragraph at the end of her Sunday column:

Cupich, whose humility led to his personal selection by Pope Francis, lives in a dorm setting at Holy Name Cathedral rectory alongside fellow clergy when he is not in Rome as one of Francis’ top aides.

His humility? He who peremptorily ousted a highly successful pastor of a booming old-time-religion parish before investigation of allegations of unspecified objectionable activity with adult males and then banned him from Chicago after the investigation found no cause in him and threw the case out, he, Cupich, leaving the obvious impression that he wanted the man disgraced and out in the first place.

Dorm setting? When, pray tell, is the last time Sneed was in a Chicago rectory, that she should present such unqualified judgment on its spartan accommodations, as if its residents have to walk down the hall in robe with toothbrush and towel for their turn in the bathroom or do their own laundry?


Prayers for Latin mass priest Fr. Phillips

In a time of his dismissal by Cardinal Cupich for “improper conduct” with adult males, St. John Cantius parishioners pray for Fr. Phillips and the religious community he founded.

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