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Mahound’s Paradise: Lesbian Activist Who Urged Cupich to Take “Swift Action” Against Fr. Paul Kalchik Elected Mayor of Chicago

This gives one pause.

Very well argued, especially as to voting for the candidate regardless of sexual orientation. Also about Lightfoot as one who jumped in on the Fr. Kalchik story to pressure Cupich and therefore qualifies as “lesbian activist.” We can only hope that as mayor she stays away from that stuff from here on. That would be very bad indeed.

But the first argument prevails here too. The writer ignores orientation in favor of policy — as in the case of the British pol who’s a Brexit fan. But he does not ignore activism in favor of policy — what Lightfoot promises as reasonably good governance of the metropolis.

I think he should. It’s like not being distracted by Trump’s personal history as exposed by political enemies or how he talks about his enemies and threats to the country, but rather concentrating on his policies.

Rule is, you always pick the better of two candidates or the less bad and rarely have the perfect one. And Lightfoot is looking rather good at this point.

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