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This whole married-deacon thing could pave the way . . .

. . . towards ordaining married men to the priesthood, as commenter Margeret McCarthy points out in the preceding post.

A change, allowing married men to become priests or to allow priests the right to marry might allow the deaconate ordinands a swift assent to the priesthood, quickly lessening the problem of the shortage of priests.

In other words, we have in place a training program, upgradeable to priest-training. I recall telling the wife of our parish’s newly ordained deacon — one of us, he was — that I marveled at her new role, as wife of an ordained man. It was at a parish picnic.

She seemed to appreciate it. It was as if she hadn’t thought of it that way, so seamlessly had the married diaconate come upon us.

This was years ago, early in the Chicago experience of it. As a laicized priest by then married and with kids, speaking from another era — before the revolution — I saw it as a thing to marvel at.

More to come about this general issue, I hope with references to what others say about it who have given it more thought than I.

Added thought about married priest: Marriage would indeed complicate a priest’s life, which could be a good thing.

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