Something else I’ve been waiting to hear, this one about Antifa

About time.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik told Breitbart News Tonight Thursday evening that the FBI should classify Antifa as a “domestic terror group.” He offered his remarks in an interview with SiriusXM hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Kerik’s comments were made during a discussion of left-wing activists threatening and intimidating Tucker Carlson’s family on Wednesday night outside of the Carlson family’s home in Washington, D.C.

Kerik said, “In the most minimal definition of terrorism, it’s the unlawful use of violence and intimidation — especially against civilians — in pursuit of political aims. Antifa is a domestic terror group. I strongly believe that the FBI and the Department of Justice should classify them as such.

Has gone without saying for some time.

Stupid question, says Trump to news person

Oh my, how often have I wanted someone to say that in such a situation.

Francis gives boost to free-market cause?

Did so two days ago, maybe:

Vatican City, Nov 7, 2018 / 04:47 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis spoke of the need for creative entrepreneurship in the face of “scandalous poverty” Wednesday, stressing the importance of generosity with one’s possessions.

“If there is hunger on earth, it is not because food is missing!” Pope Francis said in St. Peter’s Square Nov. 7.

“What is lacking is a free and far-sighted entrepreneurship, which ensures adequate production, and a solidarity approach, which ensures fair distribution,” he continued.

Free? From what?

Ensures adequate production? Well, nothing ensures anything. He should know that. But it does a lot towards that goal, more than any un-free system on the face of God’s green earth.

Ensures fair distribution? No it doesn’t (as above). Nothing does. What’s this fair distribution business anyway? Ensured by whom or what?

Fuzzy-wuzzy talk. This pontiff is good at it.

U.S. bishops big man promises

Making the grand statement last summer about “failure of leadership” by bishops in the matter of sexual abuse:

“We firmly resolve,” Cardinal DiNardo wrote, “with the help of God’s grace, never to repeat it.”

Why always the grand statement? Gets you in trouble every time, sacrificing honesty for the sake of consoling people or calming them down.

Another made that mistake in 2002, telling the faithful that “we all look to end this, for the sake of the victims, for the sake of the church, the sake of our people.”

Who said that? Cardinal McCarrick.

WaPo fellow hits nail on head in re: elections

Trump won for the party . . . 

No liberal will want to admit it, but Trump is an asset to the Republican Party, while President Barack Obama was a disaster for the Democratic Party.

. . . Not so his predecessor, Cocky-locky, for whom it was ever all about him.

For a supposed enemy of the press, Trump acts oddly . . .

In his willingness to give and take with reporters. From the White House:

During today’s press conference, President Trump took 68 questions—from 35 different reporters. By contrast, former President Obama took 22 questions from 10 reporters during his press conference following the 2010 midterm elections.

CBS’ Major Garrett put it crisply: “There is more access to this president than Obama . . . We see him and interact with him and punch in questions with far more frequency.”

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein agrees, saying President Trump is “above and beyond, far and away more accessible” than our previous two presidents.

It’s something I have found obvious and striking for some time. For someone who beats up on them, he is sure good to reporters, better than others, including especially Obama, and not just in this mid-term presser business.

“Mad Maxine” Waters Vows Revenge on Lenders if Dems Take House

She black!

. . . the Mouth From South L.A., says that if Democrats take the U.S. House of Representatives next week, she will become the new chairman of its important Financial Services Committee.

And that means Mad Maxine can exact revenge against banks and insurance companies and other any other financial institution she thinks have shafted black people.

Go for it, Maxine. If you can match Trump on improving lives of black people, I’m all for you.

US created 250,000 jobs in Oct, vs 190,000 jobs expected

Happy days are here.

Now, as Ben Franklin said on his way out of the Constitutional convention, asked what we had, a republic or a monarchy, replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

What do we have? An economy to beat all, if we can keep it.

Go Repubs in midterms.

via US created 250,000 jobs in Oct, vs 190,000 jobs expected

Troops Deploy to Parts of Border Where Migrant Caravans Are Deemed Most Likely to Go

Protecting the back door.

Pope Told Michael Moore That Capitalism Is a Sin?

Well.  Privately, of course. Moore’s account has a down-home flavor. His business is to present plausible, left-heartwarming episodes. But he’s a trickster for all that.

But this is quite plausible. Very much so.

Repent, ye capitalists. Don’t cry for Venezuela and other Latin American countries, those earthly paradises, including Cuba. Oh to be in either country, where anti-capitalism is blooming.

Michael and Francis, a partnership made in heaven.

via Pope Told Michael Moore That Capitalism Is a Sin?

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