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Dionne’s case for going along with HHS

Straw man sighted, sank same.  E.J. Dionne makes an argument.  handily ignoring cavalier treatment offered bishops’ envoys seeking to negotiate HHS issues, per Obama’s advice.  RealClearPolitics – Catholicism Is Not the Tea Party at Prayer.

In which they were told take it or leave it.  And what indeed about the self-insuring among Catholic institutions?  And what of their being expected to go along with the wink-and-nod effect of having their insurers cover the cost of coverage?  

It’s OK with Dionne if gummint makes them do it (such a problem in itself), he being convinced they will swallow the cost and not add it to what they charge their customers.

Cardinal George has a knack for over-top pronouncement, but that is no reason for Dionne to ignore problems that remain after the presidential “adjustment.”


Pfleger to Leo? You’re kidding

What part of the Pfleger resume led Cardinal George to think he would make a good president of Leo Catholic HS? The church is a depository and guardian of deep mysteries. This is not one of them, but for passing attention it qualifies.

Leo High, named after Pope Leo XIII, friend of the working man, opened in 1926, the father school of two other Irish Christian Brothers-run operations. But unlike Jesuits, Dominicans, Carmelites and others, the Brothers neither founded nor funded it. The Brothers run diocesan schools, as did and do the De La Salle (French-origin) Brothers, who have “D” and St. Pat’s if not others. So the archdiocesan CEO has a say in who’s president. Question is, why Pfleger?

I am bothered intensely by the apparent answer to that question, namely to provide a dumping ground for Fr. P., one he presumably (bad assessment of situation here) could not refuse, when faced with such brilliant (not) Machiavellian strategy.

Is there another CEO in the Chicago area or state or nation who would name Fr. P. among the thousand, nay ten thousand potential high-school presidents, worthy of consideration to fill the next opening? No, he would not be in the running for that or any other educational leadership post.

Not to say I have a brilliant strategy of my own. I just know a bad one when I see it.

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