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Get a load of main street mainstream post-SOTU offerings . . .

. . . as delivered by Chi Trib, faithful as ever to its lib-Dem convictions.

Tension grips Congress as Trump calls for unity, then touts GOP agenda
Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker [Wash Post!]

The president sought to repurpose the term “Dreamer,” saying that it shouldn’t be an excuse to shortchange Americans’ economic prospects or safety.


Winners and losers from Trump’s State of the Union address  [Wash Post]

Fact check: Trump’s State of the Union speech doesn’t skimp on exaggerations [AP]

Huppke: State of the Union just fine for those turning blind eyes to Trump

Notice the prominence of  Wash Post and AP. Once it was merely second-city lemming-ism, now it’s actual transferring Trib’s Eastern-seaboard models to its front page.

Question: Where would Trib be without the Wash Post and AP? Once there was a newspaper, now a . . . copy cat?

Propaganda by Chi Trib for transgender bathrooms

Front Page Chi Trib Saturday 5/14 quotes affirmation for opening up bathrooms and locker rooms in schools and gymnasiums:

“By affirming transgender students and guaranteeing them these rights, we’re not denying anyone else’s rights. And sometimes I think that gets missed.”

— Jennifer Leininger with the Gender and Sex Development Program at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

She also called the federal directive “groundbreaking.”

It’s a ukase, isn’t it? The boy president running wild in his last year in office, flashing his pearly whites ear to ear, having his way with pen and telephone.

And the Trib socks it to us on a Saturday morning in May. Page One, story of the day, complete with four-column, above-the-fold shot of real, live transgender poster boy, a handsome lad shown here.

Alex Singh

“Not denying anyone else’s rights,” says the sex-development specialist, ignoring the right to privacy argued by bathroom originalists — the cornerstone of abortion rights, by the way, for what that’s worth.

Behold cultural Marxism, everything up for grabs, life is flowing like a river, never the same, keep the bourgeois enemy on his toes. What Obama and his uber-promoter Axelrod had in mind it seems ages ago by “hope and change”?

And there’s uproar from right and left at Trump’s vagueness and populism. O. and A. paved the way.

The Lurie woman’s quote fits this story, with its impressionistic argument — heavens, just reporting a social phenomenon, you know — one school official after another telling us they are already doing what Obama has ordered under threat of cutting off funding if they don’t do. Federal money, federal control.

In the story’s 1,300 words, there’s reference in a few lines to Palatine parents’ suit claiming ‘”intimidating and hostile” environment for students who share the locker room with the transgender student.’ That’s it for anything to counter the theme. Privacy is nowhere mentioned.

It’s an obvious, amateurish piece, a recounting of bullet quotes gathered by suburban reporters acting on orders.

Getting it right, we trust, and why not? They looked around and found these blokes, with nary a mumblin’ word of dissent.

And the whole story placed to count! Assuming so much, hitting readers over coffee with its multiple-point type blaring “Many schools ahead of transgender decree,” playing readers.

Trib columnists Huppke and Zorn  have chimed in to approve the great bathroom decree, or at least pooh-pooh objections. Readers expect that. But to deliver a front-page headline story that argues without declaring its intentions? Stuff it, please.

Nailing Chi Trib’s Steve Chapman, the flabby one

The Chicago Lampoon: Chicago Tribune’s Steve Chapman on Black on White Crime: “You Don’t Need to Know”.

Chicago Tribune editorial has a bad Saturday

In Saturday’s editorial, “Obama, the court and the border,” Chi Trib has this at the end about what’s clear to the writer:(Italics added)

. . .  a couple of things. . . . One is that under a sensible, humane immigration policy, the people Obama would allow to stay would be allowed to stay.

Another is that this [Obama’s countermanding Congress, or not] questionable executive action could have been prevented if Speaker John Boehner had allowed the House to vote on a comprehensive immigration bill that passed the Senate in 2012 with bipartisan support.

Obama may have overstepped his powers, but he acted on the legitimate belief that our immigration policy was broken. It still is. The courts may not fix it. Congress and the president can and should.

What? The president believes in something and therefore is justified in overstepping his powers?

And anyhow, it’s the speaker’s fault?

This on an editorial page that delivers much intelligent, coherent analysis in the course of its work week. But not on Saturday?.

The also-different individuals? What the heck are they?

In Chi Trib story about Republican money distribution, different strokes:

When Bruce Rauner’s campaign fund injected $750,000 to the Illinois Republican Party this month, it was another illustration of how the GOP governor candidate has become more than just a big name on the fall ballot.

The wealthy equity investor from Winnetka is a financial lifeline for Republicans throughout the state. All told, Rauner, wife Diana and Citizens for Rauner have contributed more than $1.3 million to Republican organizations in Illinois since he launched his first bid for public office more than 16 months ago.

The money has gone to 100 different individuals and groups, including state legislative candidates, county and township organizations, and a few county officials.

Not 100 same individuals?

Key question: When is an individual not different? You hear and read it all the time, but how about eliminating the “different”? Let “individual” mean separate from others, that is, not the same, that is, different?

Sox winning, single Polish ladies looking

With your Chi Trib update on the Sox-Indians game,

Sox Game Day: Sox, Danks hold 3-0 lead through 7

the reader gets this right below:

Fine, but where are they looking?

Steve Chapman madder than hell and will take it no longer

Conservatives who raise dire alarms about what will happen in Barack Obama’s second term face a similar problem. They need him to lose so their predictions will not be exposed as products of raging paranoia.

That’s from Chi Trib’s resident conservative editorial board member and columnist.  Is he mad at people who say mean things about Obama, or isn’t he?  Dispeptic? [Oops, dyspeptic]

via Obama’s second term: Fraudulent fears of Obama’s second term – Chicago Tribune.

Leave this guy alone, will you?Cropped version of File:Official portrait of B...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rahm’s man for the schools. Uh-oh.

From Rochester, with good riddance:

When Rochester City Schools Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard departs to take charge of Chicago’s public school system, he’ll leave behind a largely broken school district with dismal test scores, shaky finances and a fractured relationship with teachers.

This Haitian fellow has a history?

Chi Trib on evils to ensue from Pfleger transfer

There was a time — I remember it well — when a piece like this on Fr. Pfleger, wholly sympathetic to his staying at St. Sabina’s, would not have run without comment by Cardinal George, or lacking that, explanation that he was not available, etc.

Give Manya Brachear a column, already, and even then urge on her once-standard journalistic practices.

Wis. protesters on sleep-over

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Students protest, just like the old days

Chi Trib’s Dan Hinkel does protesters (as linked below). This morning he gave us a comfy-cozy, ain’t-we-havin’-fun account of Madison statehouse protesters. It’s front-page stuff on home-delivery hard copy today, including a 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 mid-page pic of college kids reliving sleep-over days in the house down the block in third grade.

“We all sleep together [in the statehouse], and we all wake up to the sound of the drums,” says protester Damon Terrell in a pull quote atop the picture.

Hinkel had spotted Terrell looking “as if he were headed off to his bedroom at home.” Instead, he was heading for what the protesters were calling “the people’s house.”

It was happening in “famously liberal-minded Madison — sometimes derided as an island of idealism in a sea of reality” — in a protest of “sustained intensity” such as Madison’s “longtime activists” could not remember.

Not only that, it had “diversity” — “construction workers wearing hard hats, firefighters playing bagpipes, liberal activists waving placards, students scooting into sleeping bags.”

Teachers too, as we know. Terrell wants to be one, and “so many teachers have protested that schools throughout the state have been forced to shut down.” But they are not part of this story, which is mostly a celebration of youth and activism. Hinkel is a UW-Madison alum, ’04, so you can’t blame him for getting nostalgic.

As for editors who asked for the story (I presume) and gave it such play (I know they did that), please: What kind of world do they live in and who do they think their readers are?

Nostalgia not from Hinkel directly, but from former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, who is running for mayor:

“There’s nothing like it,” said former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, who says he was tossed to the ground and beaten by police with nightsticks at a bloody war protest in 1967. [Three years before the UW
physics department was blown up and a
researcher killed
as antiwar protest]

“In a decade of antiwar protests, we were never able to reach the building trades, the Teamsters and the nonunion people that this touched in the first 48 hours,” said Soglin, who is again running for mayor.

Money, money, money, Paul. The market has determined response. It’s the way people are. Teachers have a good deal and want to protect it. Unionists see theirs in jeopardy. Antiwar protests fizzled as soon as the draft was ended, Paul. No market for protesters seeking not to get killed or serve in Army. It’s as clear as the bushy mustache on his face.


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