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Mike Quigley among the seniors

Astute Reader attended a Seniors Club luncheon at a northwest side parish where Democrat Congressman Mike Quigley was the unannounced speaker, talking up Obamacare.  She missed his introduction, but what she heard was “revolting.”

* 55,000 thousand nuns supported it.  Nothing about the bishops.

* Insurance and drug companies supported the Republicans and lied to scare “you.” 

* There will be no such thing as $500 billion in cuts to Medicare.

* Look how terrific social security is, and Medicare, and the Republicans opposed it for years, even Ronald Reagan.

“Most disgusting of all, he said change is “difficult,” condescending crapola that Michelle Obama also likes to peddle.
The progressives are softening us up for some re-education programs. It’s their idea of “the Future.”

Q. ended saying he is soon off to Cuba to learn how to make things here as good as possible for “us.”  (Ah.  Learning from the experts.)
But seniors are a tough sell.  The luncheon organizers took a survey at check-in and advised Q. that seventy-plus percent opposed the health bill. His answer?  It’s too late, it passed, get used to it.

(Shut up and do what you’re told.)

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