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The Pfleger case, continued

From Fr. Pfleger’s St. Sabina allies, via email:

On March 11, 2011, Fr. Pfleger met with Cardinal George where he was asked to take over as president of Leo High School .

On March 19, 2011, Fr. Pfleger sent a letter to Cardinal George saying that he was neither qualified nor experienced being president of a high school but that he was willing to help Leo High School in any way that he could.

There has been no response by phone call or letter from the Cardinal. Today, Fr. Pfleger was called to a meeting at 4:30 at the Pastoral Center . At that meeting Fr. Pfleger was given a letter that he was suspended and the Cardinal did not want to discuss it.

The Leadership of St. Sabina will have an official response tomorrow. We are in shock.
For your information the press received this letter before Fr. Pfleger and the church heard about it through press calls.

There’s lots of church history behind this one, going back centuries.

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