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Sun-Times headline makes risky reading

Watchdog: IRS at risk for unfairly auditing political groups is the headline.

At risk FOR? As if it may be abolished? IRS is not itself at risk. It’s at risk OF unfairly auditing, etc.

As to the story: Because of inadequate supervision, it says. Inadequate supervisors, that is? And that’s assuming innocence somewhere, when the question is responsibility.

Who’s to blame, for cryin’ out loud? Nobody, I bet. It’s not so messy that way.  Like Hillary and Benghazi and her what-difference-does-it-make?

Granted, Rep. Roskam’s committee’s report is a finding of fact, with judgment yet to come. When it does, the above analysis applies.


The Source: IRS Ignores Politicking Nonprofits | Texas Public Radio

​Hey, non-profits are people too, eager for the main chance:

​Reporting by the Center for Public Integrity has shown that despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars on elections, nonprofits–many considered “social welfare” groups–are regularly getting away with breaking election law and aren’t being audited or investigated by the Internal Revenue Service.​

​And that “social welfare” tag covers a multitude of main-chancers with social-ist [sic] agenda.​

Anyhow, it’s not easy staffing a hydra-headed governmental monster:

“The aftershocks from the political targeting scandal certainly don’t facilitate prompt solutions,” said Mark Everson, a former IRS commissioner appointed by President George W. Bush. “I would imagine there is a real slowdown getting issues resolved because there is a tendency on the part of employees to make sure they aren’t causing new problems.”

National sales tax, anyone, doing away with spending-monitoring completely, a.k.a. a Fair Tax solution to hydra-headed-monster problems?

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