Special counsel Robert Mueller was born and bred to torment Donald Trump.

​If you hope (and think) Trump will get a fair shake from special prosecutor Robert Mueller, you might hope harder and think again when you read a leftist writer making this claim:​

​[T]​here’s one more thing about Mueller that’s going to make it impossible for Trump to show him any respect: The former FBI director is practically blood brothers with James Comey.


Laer:   Same article, writer adds:

Odds are good, in fact, that Trump will use Mueller’s closeness with Comey to accuse him of bias and question the legitimacy of his inquiry.

Really. Now why would anyone do that?

As I say, it’s fun to eavesdrop on someone’s echo chamber.

Newsies with a heart? Harden it.

Follow this advice:

We need journalists to get at the truth and to keep watch against abuses of power. They have a hard enough time getting that right. So lets absolve them of the responsibility of charity or iconoclasm. If journalists want to comfort the afflicted, they should send money to the Red Cross.

Get it straight, please.

Con brio

American writer and editor Peter Beinart, of T...

A peek inside the storied beltway:

[TRB writer, New Republic, Peter] Beinart is well known among Washington journalists as a quick-witted polemicist and a gifted stylist. He’s also regarded as one of the most energetic careerists anyone has ever seen.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Banish careerists from the ranks of Washington journalism and the only people left would be a handful of newsroom librarians and a couple of copy editors from Human Events.

A hit, a palpable hit!