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Dirge for deaths of Latin, God, and mystery

Before I do one more thing in this late-starting Tuesday morning, a word from Mr. Hickey of Leo Catholic HS:

In my lifetime, I witnessed the euthanizing of Latin and the Death of God by academics and churchmen.  Latin was deemed irrelevant, the vernacular ascended to Parnassus and the Vatican dome.  That is too bad.  The mystery of learning has gone the way of sacred liturgy -no mystery and no beauty.  Education means punching one’s ticket for entry to something else.

Such a mournful mouthfull. Congratulations, Hickey.

Pat Hickey for Leo Catholic . . .

. . . sends cannon ball to ABC’s Chuck Goudie’s court. G. says Leo C. failed to answer “numerous” calls about a sex-abuse matter about Christian Brothers, who have had nothing to do with Leo C. since 1991.

Not so, says school spokesman Hickey.


Jim Bowman: Cardinal George led from his head and his heart

A sendoff of sorts for a good man:

The Cardinal George image I can’t shake is an amazing shot of him with Leo Catholic High School boys, during a visit to the school in 2012. He’s in the middle of them, one with his arm over his shoulder. He’s beaming, and so are they.

A close second is the sound bite at the news conference held jointly with his newly named successor, Archbishop Blase Cupich. George was telling reporters how much he had learned from them and singled out one of his long-time interrogators, CBS-Channel 2′s Jay Levine: “What I remember most, Jay, is your asking me always how I felt about this or that, never what I thought about it.”

More more more, set for Sunday’s Sun-Times hard copy.

A Leo man is promoted to everlasting life

He is Robert L. Hylard, who cashed in at 86 and remained loyal to his school to the end.









Pat Hickey tells us about him.

He was

the Kid from VIZ [Visitation parish, 55th Street] who played in Leo’s Marching Band for four years, wrote for and helped edited the school news paper the Oriole, ‘trod the boards’ in every Leo Dramatic production from junior year on, and played lightweight football on the cinders and broken beer bottle glass of Shewbridge Field – the iconic home to Leo High School football, now Amos Alonzo Stagg Elementary.

He is remembered with affection.

The young African American, Mexican and Canaryville Irish kids who now attend Mr. Hylard’s Alma Mater knew him well. Bob Hylard made all of the football home games, most of the away and every Leo High School event that showcased the talents and skills of our young men a huge mark on his calendar.

Leo remains a boys’ school, vigorously supported and operated by its mostly (S. Side) Irishers, a haven of excellence in a rough neighborhood.

More about Leo here.

Leo Football: Leo 32 -St. Laurence 13

Small inner-city black school trounces big suburban black one. In football not basketball. Something’s up at Leo Catholic.

Pfleger to Leo? You’re kidding

What part of the Pfleger resume led Cardinal George to think he would make a good president of Leo Catholic HS? The church is a depository and guardian of deep mysteries. This is not one of them, but for passing attention it qualifies.

Leo High, named after Pope Leo XIII, friend of the working man, opened in 1926, the father school of two other Irish Christian Brothers-run operations. But unlike Jesuits, Dominicans, Carmelites and others, the Brothers neither founded nor funded it. The Brothers run diocesan schools, as did and do the De La Salle (French-origin) Brothers, who have “D” and St. Pat’s if not others. So the archdiocesan CEO has a say in who’s president. Question is, why Pfleger?

I am bothered intensely by the apparent answer to that question, namely to provide a dumping ground for Fr. P., one he presumably (bad assessment of situation here) could not refuse, when faced with such brilliant (not) Machiavellian strategy.

Is there another CEO in the Chicago area or state or nation who would name Fr. P. among the thousand, nay ten thousand potential high-school presidents, worthy of consideration to fill the next opening? No, he would not be in the running for that or any other educational leadership post.

Not to say I have a brilliant strategy of my own. I just know a bad one when I see it.

To S-T on McClory on Fr. Pfleger & Cardinal George

Letter to S-T:

Dear Editor:

Bob McClory’s argument for keeping Fr. Pfleger at St. Sabina parish limps in several respects.

First, it’s Bob’s own credentials for limiting Cardinal George’s authority in this case, Bob being an enthusiastic proponent of new limitations on bishops’ authority in general.  Indeed, the Pfleger case fits his predilection for espousing radical change in the church.

Second, he (rightly) praises Pfleger’s pastoral availability to the bereaved and suffering — a combination of high profile achieved by Pfleger himself and Pfleger’s abundant empathy.  But nothing in his transfer from St. Sabina would interfere with that, even work as president of a high school.  He could be equally available to bereaved and badly treated people.

Third, he says the cardinal has handled this badly, to which I ask, Pfleger hasn’t?

— Jim Bowman

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