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Mike Madigan of Illinois, evil genius of mythic proportions

Ran across this while looking for something else. It’s about IL House Speaker Mike Madigan going after an opponent in 2012 by fair means or foul, not to mention highly unusual.

From which comes new name for this Machiavellian, near-Mephistophelean kingpin of Illinois politics — Mad Mike.


Treasurer Dan Rutherford’s Harry Caray’s Party

Very attractive candidate this fellow, ready to take Quinn on.

It’s the Dan Rutherford Chicago Networking Party. Music, drinks etc. Tuesday, July 31, 5:30-7:00 PM at Harry Caray’s in Chicago. The cover charge is $60 — http://www.danrutherford.org/calendar/event/18/EventDetails.aspx

He’s State Treasurer if you don’t know. (Reading Chi noosepapers you know far more about Lisa What’s her name, daughter of the evil genius Mike What’s his name.) Made wind-up speech at recent state GOP convention, was obvious standout in the day’s beauty parade.

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