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Angels on the job in Oak Park

Oak Leaves star Bill Dwyer has this about Guardian Angels in Oak Park:

The Guardian Angels have begun citizen patrols along the CTA Green Line after five women have been choked or beaten and robbed in Oak Park.

Oak Park police are warning women to use caution when out alone following two more violent robberies on April 19. One victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of facial injuries.

Five robbery attacks have targeted lone women since March 30. Police increased area patrols following the third attack, and they are circulating a sketch of the assailant based on the third victim’s detailed description.

Had it four days ago, in fact, but nothing yet from Wednesday Journal, which has been otherwise keeping up with the one-man crime wave.

I just passed two of them, by the way, walking north on Grove having turned off Washington. Looked up as I strolled 8:15 or so in the gloaming and saw them coming in white sweat shirts and red berets. Good for them.

Citizen comments on the latest Journal story include call for citizen night patrols by which to “take back Oak Park.” There’s also a computer-generated composite picture of the attacker based on a description given by the third victim. He was described as black, about 5-foot 9 inches tall, 200 pounds, medium build.

Comments also inevitably included complaints about police inability so far to do anything about this. One commenter, “Brad from Oak Park” called it

Very interesting – last night I saw a guy walking on the East Side of Oak Park Avenue, northbound, just sound of the Green Line. He passed the Green Line entrance and continued under the viaduct. His facial features resembled this composite sketch, but he had dred-locked hair, about chin length. I guess I’m profiling now, but he looked out of place and like he had a menacing/up-to-no-good look about him. Bottom line, this guy is not going to get caught unless the police start to profile.

Notice the semi-apology for “profiling” followed by his “bottom line” assessment that the guy won’t be caught unless the police “start to profile.” Like for getting terrorists. There’s dumb profiling and smart profiling, as in any human endeavor.  Why not do it the smart way with black muggers?

You know, like with serial killers on the TV shows.

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