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Alphabet neurosis: Mary Mitchell has a letter for it

I can’t stand what Mary M. writes, so she’s my special M-word. Protestants too. Can’t stand ’em. They’re my P-word. Quite a few Catholics too; I’m working on words for them. Shakespeare, kick in the rear, happy new year; don’t like him. He’s my S-word. Anything to satisfy my neuroses.

T-word for Tribune, except on Sundays; once a week is enough. NYT-word, of course. Complicated? Yes, but it’s not easy being neurotic. Ask Monk on TV. Years ago I heard “big C” for cancer, a word best left unused at the time. We got over that. Now we even have a society named after it.

Back to M-word (as above), who wants blacks to stop using the N-word. M-word frets about B people using the N-word while indulging her bilious resentment of that W woman, the D-woman, you know the one I mean, who “copped” (M-word’s word) to using the N-word 20 years ago, giving heavy occasion for group neurosis to vent spleen, forcing many W people to upchuck on their good suits. M-word frets and resents and that’s her idea of a fun time. Yuck!

Ed Burke a social justice issue? Like Paula Deen?

Ald. Ed Burke was in the news again, 6/1 & 6/3/13 for making money for himself where the sun don’t shine, that is, in shady places, where civic virtue fades gradually into many kinds of gray. Social justice issue? I think so.

Ed votes on the one hand for taxes, raising money for gummint, on the other hand lowers it with tax breaks for clients who pay well for the help he gives them. With one hand he giveth (to clients), with another he taketh away (from taxpayers). Blessed be Burke.

He’s the lord of the money rings, a dandy dresser — at thousands a suit and hundreds for shirt and tie, the late Tom Roeser once said on his blog site now removed.

But R. Cooley has the goods on him, it seems, in Ed’s use of the N-word. Consider Paula Deen, called out by Mary Mitchell, who should look up Ed Burke in Robert Cooley’s book When Corruption Was King: How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago, Then Brought the Outfit Down. Mary could set the ball rolling for a Burke ouster if she ran with pages 162 and 215, where Burke condones murders of two blacks, in each case saying, “It’s only a fucking nigger.”

Long time ago, yes. About the time Paula Deen was telling her husband, apparently in private, that a “nigger” had held her up at a bank where she worked. She said that in a deposition in answer to a generic question, also that she had recounted what some blacks had said.

There may be more to her alleged insensitivity than that, but you can’t tell from Mary Mitchell’s column, which with the howler, “Paula Deen is toast. Because when one white woman alleges that another white woman is calling black folks n

Obama inaugural 2: Messianic reformer still, and constitutional expert!

Writing now, day after Inauguration 2 of the Black Messiah.  “We are made for this moment,” says Sun-Times pages 2 & 3 (hard-copy) head, quoting the Black M.  Egad. This, his 2nd  coming to the inaugural pulpit, is the sum of our existence, the Great Reckoning? I may vomit.*


* Opening line, “Man Who Came to Dinner, B’way play of ’40s, Monty Wooley in lead, his line.


Obama “pushes for unity,” says S-T hard-copy subhead. Phew. If this is how he sounds when pushing for unity, how does he sound when drawing line in sand?

It’s a Natasha Korecki story, typically good starting with lede ‘graf. However, O. “made it clear” his “progressive [far-left] agenda,” with its “reforms” in this and that, etc. No. Rather “changes,” as in “hope and change,” which some of you may remember. To say “reform” is to baptize it. It’s to editorialize. Shame on you, Korecki, except of course that’s how everyone talks, unfortunately.

Great quote toward end of story, Charles Smith of Milwaukee, i-d’d as Afr-Am, will “probably never see a black president again, not in my lifetime,” strongly implying belief in after life.

Then the unsinkable Mark Brown, who had to read speech over twice “to better appreciate” what he’d heard O. say. Personal Journalism 101 here — I, I, me, me, my, my — as in Roger Ebert’s reviews over the years, all variations on the easily parodied “It works for me.”

More Mark: O. is a “constitutional law expert.” Oh, senior lecturer, aka glorified adjunct prof, at U. of Chi, on special appointment never offered tenure? Writer of what articles in juried journals? Wrote anything, ever? Shined at Harvard Law? (We don’t know, do we?) It’s a measure of Mark Brown carelessness here.  Mark is a credit to his race when he does this.

The speech was “surprisingly brief,” says Steve Huntley, who knows how to hurt a guy without seeming to.

Richard Roeper’s “2016: Obama’s America”

Crtiquing “2016: Obama’s America” Richard Roeper makes no mention of or reference to Frank Marshall, young Barack’s communist mentor, chosen for him by his communist-sympathetic grandfather, a drinking buddy of Marshall, according to the movie.

Nor of Barack’s general red-diaper-baby upbringing, his mother being thoroughly devoted to leftist causes, including anti-American anti-colonialism.

Indeed, according to the film, his mother sent him away as a boy to Hawaii to be raised by her thoroughly leftist parents, to make him free of the influence of her then-husband, the Indonesian Soetoro, who was working for American oil companies and rejected the anti-Western mindset.

Roeper missed all this, focusing on production amateurisms and failing to dispute them if he disagreed.  He really missed the film’s main points, to judge from his review.

Emanuel attacks criminals? Sorry, no.

Had to read hard copy head for this Sun-Times story twice: “Emanuel leads attacks on criminals”  — SORRY — on Romney.
Same head,continued: “Dems concede excitement level lower than” — SORRY — unlike 2008.
It’s not lower.  It’s different.  Like level 2 for men’s shoes, level 3 for ladies’ undergarments.  It’s all in how you say things, not in whatever the hell you are saying.

And let us pass over in silence another Sun-Times hard-copy head, about what Obama plans for the convention this week: “MESSGAGE: LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE.”

It shows how hard it is to get good help these days.

To get it straight, go to some other paper, says Sweet of Sun-Times

Lynn Sweet bemoaned dirty campaigning yesterday, offering odd advice to her readers: Go somewhere else to get things straight!

I am imploring you in the months ahead to do some homework. Do some reading up on what’s at issue in the now red-hot future-of-Medicare debate — and not on websites that masquerade as nonpartisan.

For starters, the folks at two independent fact-check operations — the Tampa Bay Times’ Politifact.org and FactCheck.org, a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center — sort out the political debate in thoughtful and simple language, and they have the guts to make the call.

Why wouldn’t she recommend her own newspaper, the Sun-Times?

At the Gitmo terrorist trial, Saturday night live

This lady thinks she’s part of a bar association skit:

One of the defense lawyers, Cheryl Bormann, showed up in Muslim dress covering everything but her face and demanded the women on the prosecution team dress modestly so that our clients are not forced to not look at the prosecution for fear of committing a sin under their faith. The shameless hussies at the prosecution table were dressed in military or civilian jackets and skirts.

Shameless indeed.

Wuxtry, Obama newsletter on yr doorstep

Today’s Obama Reelection Newsletter (ORN), also known as Sun-Times, arrived safely.  It’s a handy package, slips into outer-coat pocket, easy for taking onto Green Line (or other) train or bus or even into church!

On page 3, left third, length of page, we find the Maximum Leader in an AP story (the ORN is also your best source for AP stories), saying he “would not hesitate to attack Iran to keep it from getting a nuclear bomb.”  Not if the political adviser told him it was a no-brainer, no he would not hesitate to do it or lots of other things. 

But that is not the issue here, where he also warns against “loose talk of war” (his words), which I call having cake and eating it.  Look, he’s running for reelection, right?  Don’t be so picky.

Next to him, also on p. 3, down the middle (which is not how ORN editors play things, hardly), is “IN A RUSH TO LEAVE: 7th  advertiser pulls out of Limbaugh’s show” (also AP, not linkable at S-T site).

Which follows Sunday p. 3A’s “Limbaugh apologizes for calling woman slut” (AP again), giving Sandra Fluke’s age as 30 without a blink sans reference to correction elswhere offered.

Which followed Saturday p. 2’s huge “OBAMA WADES INTO RUSH’S ‘SLUT’ STORM,” (AP, though not so identified), which spills onto p. 3 and (guess what?) a heroic head shot of The Leader, shaking a semi-fist, thumb exposed.

All in all, Saturday’s was a two-fer of the first order, boosting The Leader for trashing that man at WLS, Rushbo.

So goes the Newsletter, on your doorstep seven days at a reasonable price if you like good partisan fun.

Rev. Jesse from the bunker

Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. discusses funding h...

Image via Wikipedia

Rev. Jesse Jackson’s ghost does not speak in rhyme, as Rev. J. used to, but he does have a way with a cliche:

American politics isn’t beanbag. It is rough, bare-knuckled and often dirty. In today’s 24/7 media environment, attack ads are remembered, and the truth has a hard time catching up with a lie. . . . unrelenting assault . . . Staggering numbers . . .


People have the right to say what they wish, particularly in political speech. But having the right does not make it right.

Opposition to the president’s policies should be combined with respect for his office. Political tactics ought to be informed by the reality that we all want this country to succeed. [?]

Democratic House leader Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan were diametrically opposed, but managed to find ways to work — and to share a drink — together.

Dr. King always taught us to appeal to the better angels of our opponents, even those unleashing dogs and armed with billy clubs. It is a lesson we should not forget. [Italics added]

Come home, America!

Inspired by experience

Sun-Times corrected this boo-boo, which can be found here, at a Google search page and was not wrong in hard copy: “It was Devine design.”

Yes, there was a state’s attorney named Devine, but no, it was not his design for Otis McDonald to become lead complainant in the case v. Chi’s gun ordinance in the U.S. Supreme Court.  McD had divinity in mind, not the immediate past state’s attorney. He and the ordinance and why he’s fighting it with help of “gun lobby” people is told in a quite good piece today by Mark Konkol, one of S-T’s hard-at-work conveyors of hard reporting. McD has had enough and isn’t taking it any more, that’s why. 

He’s a 21st-century urban hero who looks back on his sharecropper mother in Louisiana who cashed in her piggy bank, all $18, to buy him a ride to Chi in 1951, when  he was 17, so he could find, that is make, for himself a better life. He became a janitor at U. of Chi, making “waves on campus” by applying for a promotion to building engineer when no blacks were applying because it just wasn’t done. 

Now in his S. Side, Morgan Park neighborhood home, where he lives with his wife and daughter and has grandchildren as visitors, he is standing up to be counted as one who would be armed. As a kid in Louisiana — seven years old — he went into the woods and bagged all manner of wild creatures who could be eaten and skinned.

Out there by myself. I’d get me some rabbits, squirrels, ‘coons, opossums,

he told Konkol. When a kid tried to break into his garage, he levelled his long gun at him and counselled him henceforward to stay away, which the kid did. But when three guys blocked his car on his way to the Jewel, “cussing … saying, ‘I’ll put you down, you old gray-haired mothers-and-such; I’ll put you down,” because he’d done the good-citizen thing as Mayor Daley recommends, calling cops on gun-toters earlier, he had no way to defend himself. 

He wants that to change, so it’s McDonald vs. the city (and my own Oak Park, piggy-backing on Chi) at the high court. The mayor?  He wishes he could get him to “feel and see what” he sees.

‘Maybe he could come here and spend the night, especially during the summer, and listen to what I listen to out my window. If he could, and he was open to that, he would see what’s really going on in his city … and maybe he would understand where I’m coming from.’

Something like that would win some votes too.  Daley should take note.

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