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Mark Brown of Sun-Times tells a good story but feels obliged to explain . . .

. . . supplying this closer to a very good column:

“Why did I bother to tell you so much about the early years of two criminals from long ago?

Because for all the advancements in education and corrections, we’re still handling troubled youth pretty much like we did when [the two criminals] were coming up — and getting the same results.

And for some folks, maybe that’s easier to see when the criminals in question are white.” 

“Troubled” indeed. One of them helped hang a school principal out of a window, which troubled the principal no end, I’m sure.

Something else: The hard-copy head speaks of “reform school,” and “reformatory” is in the copy, both quite accurate, because so we spoke and speak.

But also politically correct when you get down to it, as is “corrections” for the department of jailing people, in most cases to protect other people from their antisocial behavior.

Not all, however. The reform school in question, Montefiore, had at least one distinguished alumnus who shaped up rather well, Chicago Daily News etc. columnist the late Mike Royko.

‘Raging’ Gang War on 79th St. is Destroying Business, Owners Say

Time to put those gangs out of business.

“We must fight for our businesses and communities,” one owner said after Tyshawn Lee’s murder.

Why no war on gangs?

Source: ‘Raging’ Gang War on 79th St. is Destroying Business, Owners Say – Chatham – DNAinfo.com Chicago

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