First, do no dead-horse-beating

With all respect to the seriousness of the problem, what do we think of this headline —  “Sexual assault in childhood haunts woman” — as promising a column that will tell us something we do not already know?

What follows, by Chi Trib’s Dawn T. Trice, is an anonymous morality tale (nothing more), told in the simplest of terms and — bless us! — ending with a to-be-continued:

“I loved my mother [who had not believed her story about being raped by the stepfather] and it hurt my feelings that I had to see this man and nobody did anything about it [says the raped woman]. It was like what happened to me meant nothing. So, I did what I did for my two kids.”

On Tuesday, I’ll tell you what she did.

If she sneaked up one day and shot the son of a b-tch, I’m interested.  Otherwise, we have a tale of horror recounted bloodlessly, which is maddening to most readers, definitely to this one.

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