Obama v. Kerry: it’s O. hands-down on CHANGE (of mind)

We have seen John Kerry, Mr. Obama, and you’re no John Kerry.

We used to call John Kerry a flip-flopper for his enbarrassing quote on his opposition to Iraq war funding. Obama has now changed position on almost every key position in this election, and exposed himself as incompetent as a Constitutional law analyst as well. Democratic superdelegates may want to rethink their position on this nomination before Obama changes his party registration, too.

Yes, Chi Trib, there is an “inartful” way of saying what I say now, that the D.C. gun law is unconstitutional, and it’s what you heard my campaign say last November.

It’s not his fault! 

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  • Jack Spatafora  On 06/28/2008 at 9:00 AM

    Here’s one independent who refuses to buy into the Bush bit about flip-flopping. Hell, every politician in history changes and has to change. Lets remember, politics is still the art-of-the-POSSIBLE


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