Zorn on Roeser after Roeser on The Dick

Eric Zorn takes issue with Tom Roeser, who called U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin “the Dick” (citing as precedent “the Donald” for D. Trump) and complained that Durbin has no townhall meetings about health care/insurance/whatever-the-latest-name and that reporters don’t press him on sensitive issues.

Because, you know, how else could one possibly gauge public sentiment or consider the various sides of the debate other than to participate in a spectacle?

And [Roeser] wants an immediate disquisition from Durbin about the latest developments in the CIA/torture issue.

Oh? It’s not good for D. to meet people in unscripted venues and reporters’ looking for comment from a senator is seeking a disquisition?

Not so, Eric Z.  However unbridled the adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, and flourishes Roeser employs, it’s not that easy to deal with the substance therein contained. 

When does “the Dick” — upper case and definite article take it out of the realm of the out-and-out contumelious — meet with citizens and take their questions?

And why wouldn’t the mediums ask him about the CIA and torture?  Look, he might come up with something good, as when he went off in 2005 about Nazis, Soviets in Gulags, Pol Pot and our Guantanamo guards. 

He did apologize for it, yes, and would rather not have to do that again.  So maybe that’s why he won’t do the free-flowing-exchange thing this time around: he’s afraid he’ll say something off the wall.  But his reason for not doing it is nasty and dismissive of the people who show up:

These folks are there about YouTube. That’s why they’re showing up. They want to get a little clip on YouTube in an effort to disrupt a town meeting and to send the congressman running for his car.

How does The Dick know this, who is on YouTube with that 2005 Senate speech, by the way?  He just knows, that’s all.

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